Types of Members – The Entitled Financially Well off Asshole

You will encounter many types of guys online while you are camming. They range from the “grey” (member with no funds) that parks in your room constantly and never adds money. To the “whale/unicorn” – most of whom are pretty damn nice and don’t say much oddly enough UNLESS they are the whales that take you private for 2 hours JUST to chat and hang out. They do exist! Then you will get this guy (maybe). I’ve had 3 of these and they are somewhat rare but they do exist. Like unicorns. Unicorn assholes.

I’d like you to meet the Entitled & Financially Well Off Asshole:

There is another type of “whale” that I want to give you a heads up about. This is the guy that starts out hanging out in your room with very little money and tips you a few bucks here and there – running his mouth the whole time. As annoying as these guys are sometimes if you humor them they can become quite lucrative!

They almost always try to start drama between you and another model or member, or they are rude to your other members but nice to you, and you debate getting rid of them. I had one guy do this to me for a few days – he then comes back into my room with almost $900, tips me $50, and then returns a few hours later with $3 to sit and chat and chat and chat. I ALMOST banned him. I actually hit the button to do so but didn’t confirm and let him remain however I started ignoring him a bit. I’m SO GLAD I did not ban him!

He spent almost $3K on me in 3 days after that and continues to spend a pretty decent amount on me a few times a week still, which is why I put up with him. When he pays my car payment in 10 minutes it’s REALLY hard to tell him to fuck off.

Dudes like this guy just LOVE to impress you with their money but are difficult to deal with because they are essentially pains in the ass. They act like the chatty freeloaders, say stupid shit, do mean things to your regulars like take you private after a huge tip from a very old very NICE regular and then laugh about it in private like you think it’s funny too. (Stupid fucker – all you did was piss me off). He then tries to make you work around HIS schedule – asking you to come online when it’s convenient for him, usually at really weird hours. It’s their way of trying to use their money to control. Don’t fall for it. Show him that YOU are in control and not desperate. Inaccessibility can be an advantage. More about that in a future post.

Also, he inundates your message box when you are offline…. Tells you what to wear, asks for free shit in free chat. <- That one REALLY pisses me off because you don’t want to give the cheap assholes in the room anything for free or have them misunderstand that all they have to do is ask for free shit and you will do it. I ALWAYS have to do damage control after this happens. Sometimes for DAYS.

These guys act like they own you because they’ve spent so much money on you. I think that’s the most frustrating part of it. And I NEVER let them have control which just makes them spend more oddly enough…… At least that has been my experience.

You will  likely have a dude like this (or 2 or 3+) that you will have to deal with. Just keep smiling through clenched teeth and take his money honey!

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