Amazon Associates Anti-Sexual Content Discrimination – A Side Rant

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So, you may notice all of my Amazon content has been removed from the blog. I used the Amazon Associates program which is an affiliate program to help direct readers to specific products that I was recommending as well as generate a small amount income to help pay for my website hosting for the blog that way I’m not coming out of pocket for it. (Can you blame me?! Who doesn’t love free shit?!)

In February, I got an email from the program stating that they could not access my site. I wrote back shocked because I had pretty good traffic considering how infrequently I had been posting and had never had an issue with accessing my website. After a few back and forth exchanges of me saying “Uh, nope – my site IS working – here is the address again.” and them saying “We can’t see your site.” the communication ended with a very curt response from them stating that the issue was closed and they would no longer respond to my messages.

I figured it may just be an error or a stupid rep on their end so I started a new account and spent many hours creating custom ads and links to product recommendations. A few of you started to use the links to Amazon and had generated a small amount of income for me to use towards the blog (THANK YOU FOR THAT!).

Less than a week ago I received a similar email from Amazon Associates stating that they could not access my blog. I responded pointing out that I was starting to get the impression that it was not them having issues accessing my site and that it was discrimination against my content. I got an email ignoring my suspicions again, yet stating that when I signed up I entered my website address incorrectly. Um, nope. I’m very OCD so I know I checked that fucker at LEAST 4 times for accuracy to ensure it was correct before I submitted it.

I FINALLY had someone respond to me with this:

-Your Site does not qualify for inclusion in the Associates Program because the content promotes unsuitable activity. For example, your Site may contain sexually explicit, violent, libelous, or defamatory materials, or promote discriminatory or illegal activities.

Here comes the rant…… There is no nudity on my blog (at least not yet LOL!), and some references to sex but I am not promoting anything unsuitable. Camming is a LEGAL profession! I know this because I sent the IRS $XX,XXX last year to pay my taxes (after deductions!). If the IRS is taking my money it’s valid and legal! If it’s suitable for the IRS to take my money it’s suitable enough for an affiliate program, right?! Alcohol is legal and is way more destructive than porn LOL. I doubt they would have stated my blog was unsuitable if I was telling people how to be bartenders.

If you are familiar with my blog and are aware of my content you will note it is is WAY less sexually explicit than these books they sell:

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Hrrrrmmmmmhhh, then there is this stuff:

Amazon Associates Discriminations, amazon discriminates, anti-sex, sex toys, amazon affiliate discrimination

I guarantee there is more “unsuitable” content on Amazon, I just didn’t feel like digging in any further. Although searching “extreme dildo’s” got me all of those books – LMAO!

Someone please explain to me how the stuff I showed above is more suitable for Amazon to sell but too “unsuitable” for me to use as an affiliate for a blog that informs open minded women (who are more likely to use those toys/read those books) how to make money and keep themselves safe?????

You WILL run into discrimination in the adult industry, even going as far as Amazon not allowing you to use their affiliate program to assist others who are either in the industry or have interest in joining the industry.

I call bullshit Amazon. This is discrimination and “do as I say not as I do”. I’m pulling my account and canceling my Amazon issued Visa now. I spend THOUSANDS of dollars a year on Amazon and am happy to stop doing so because of how hypocritical this policy is.

Straight up bullshit.


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A Spouse/Partner Perspective on Being In A Relationship With Camgirl – Guest Blog – PART 2 – SEX

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Welcome to part 2 of the spouse perspective posts about what it is like to be in a relationship with a cammodel. This post dives into the topic of sex. Camming WILL impact your sex life in ways you may not expect and it’s important that your partner is understanding and sympathetic to what you do for a living and how this will affect your sex drive!

Part 2 – SEX

Alright, in the first post I wrote, I talked about some of the simple things you will come to learn if your significant other becomes a cam model. Here I will talk about how this field may or may not affect your personal sex life with said lover.

Right off the bat, sooner or later, your sex life will be affected by being with a cam model. The sex will slow down. Learn to embrace it and accept it. Let’s put the shoes on the other foot for a second. Imagine turning on porn in the morning, whipping out your dick and beating it furiously for the next 6-8 hours with minimal breaks. Now, imagine your wife coming home and mounting you like riding bareback on a horse. Needless to say, your urge for actual sex probably dipped a little that day. You are probably going to be sore and sexually drained. Mentally and physically. Imagine doing this for 5 or 6 days a week. Get the picture?

masturbation, camgirl, cammodel

It’s like this, if you mowed yards for a living, would you want to come home and mow yours every night as well? Probably not. So if your spouse is thinking about becoming a cam model, this is something you both must be prepared for.

My wife and I are a 4 or 5 times a week couple. Now, with her camming, we have to plan out times for sex more than we ever did. Spontaneity doesn’t exist for us anymore. We are a 1 or 2 times a week couple at the moment. Sure, I’d love to have more sex with her, but I understand the nature of the game. I am completely at ease with it. That is why, again, trust and communication are vital in this area. The two of you must communicate with each other about how this is affecting the both of you. Take time for each other no matter what. Yes, you have to plan out your sex too. Sure, there is still a little spontaneity, but it is sparse.

I can tell you that if you do start to get a little sexually frustrated as a partner to a cam model, you mustn’t hold it in and then jump all over her/him about why you’re not having sex when all he/she does is have cyber sex with strangers all day. It’s not a good approach.

You must openly communicate with each other at all times about when your “you” time is appropriate for the both of you. It’s just something you must learn to accept when thinking about taking this path. Once you do that, you will then begin to realize that your partner isn’t ditching you for random dong and pussy talk all day. She’s just doing a job that pays the bills. When your partner is with you intimately, it is more personal. More involved. And yes, your cam working partner does have to be able to shut off the camming and turn on the real world first.

Camming isn’t a straight parallel line for your cam model partner. My wife can’t just go from a 45 minute private that has her dressed like a secretary that is fucking her boss in a fantasy world, to turning off the computer and pouncing on me in the next room, in the real world. There must be time for a separation from fantasy to reality. You must come to understand this as well and be patient.

switch gears, sex, partner, cam model, camgirl

It’s like watching a murderous and gory horror flick and in the middle of it being hit up for sex. Chances are you’ll need a few minutes to get your head back in the game so you can perform at a peak level. Yes, your spouse is talking sex all day, in a fantasy realm that he or she views as a job, but you can’t just come crashing into the cam room with a hard-on and mount her just because she is in the sex industry and you think she’s in the mood. It doesn’t work like that. Your partner must have a little time to separate business from pleasure first. Even though it is in the same field.

Don’t get me wrong, every once in awhile, she’ll have a steamy private that fires her up. It is rare, but it does happen. Then, that’s when some of that spontaneous sex occurs. Honestly, I love when that happens. I look at it as some other dude just paid to have my wife fired up and I reap all the benefits.

That’s the way you must mentally change in order for life with a cam model to flow more smoothly. Turn what your spouse does into a positive for the both of you on your end. Let them talk about their day, let them share. Hell, use some of that as foreplay when the two of you have your time together if that gets the blood flowing. Whatever. Again, if you can take some of this advice I’m sharing with you to heart, it will lead to you having a very harmonious relationship with your camming spouse. Not only that, the money he or she makes from it will be that little cherry on the top. Just some things to think about.

I will be back to talk about more of what to expect if you have a lover who is thinking of camming. Until part 3, take care and have fun!

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