Typical Day on Cam – What To Expect – Part 1

I’m still giggling a little every time I read the title to this post. You can absolutely have a typical day on cam, however, the thing with camming is that everything can change in a matter of seconds. I’ll focus on the more redundant and mundane aspects of a day on cam that you can expect, anticipate and almost set your watch to in this post though.

Free Chat:

Guest: Hi BB – You start typing or saying hello to respond – Guest leaves.

Guest: Hi BB, Hru? (punctuation optional) – You: Great, hru? – Guest: Better now that I see you (or something excruciatingly similar) *shoots self in the face*. After about the 10th time of this you will become visibly annoyed when they say it unless you have really good “poker face”.

Guest: Show me ___ and I’ll tip/take you private/exclusive. This one pisses me off to no end and they almost always get a lecture on being a cheap asshole.

Guest: ASS/TITS/FEET/DO SOMETHING BB (Hello NEVER comes before this – they just come in and say this shit without so much as an introduction.)

Guest: Where are you from BB? Where do you live BB? (Why? Do you think I’m going to actually meet some faceless guy that is perusing a camsite with $0.15 in his account with an appallingly uncreative username referring to his massive penis?)

Guest: Make me hard BB (Well YOUR cock is in YOUR hands so how the fuck is this my responsibility in free chat – UGH!)

Guest: runs mouth (or fingers in this case I guess) filling up your chat box with boring nonsense and never tips you or takes you private.

Guest: (insert vulgar dirty talk publicly – tells sex story publicly) You: Can we talk about this/that in private? Guest: leaves or just keeps fucking talking.

Private/Paid Chat:

Guest: Takes you into paid chat with 1-3 minutes worth of funds without warning. You get 15 seconds into private and he starts demanding you show your pussy or cram a toy in your vagina immediately. Leaves 40 seconds into paid chat after clearing out an active and actually interesting chat room.

Guest: Pussy now BB You: 

Guest: Faster BB

Guest: Takes you private with 5-15 minutes worth of funds and 5 minutes in you are juggling 3 dildos (one hanging out of your mouth held by your lips because you are out of hands and you are annoyed enough you are gnawing on the tip of it and hoping he doesn’t notice),  one in your pussy and one in the other hand while pinching your nipples simultaneously, wiggling your ass, moaning his name and waving your feet at the camera because he has a foot fetish too. Cue circus music…..

Right. In. The. Feels.

Guest: Asks for something against site rules. You say no. He keeps pushing the envelope. You 5 times out of 10 have to ban his ass so YOU don’t get into trouble, and the other 5 they just leave.

Guest: Says nothing. Absofucking-lutely nothing. Could have anywhere from 1 minute to 2 hours worth of funds. Doesn’t say a damn thing or respond to questions so you just go into “auto-whore” mode and do the usual routine because you have no idea what in the fuck he wants/is thinking/or if he’s even watching you. This could go on for 3 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes (this has actually happened to me – asked him to type hello every few minutes or so to let me know he was there but his hands were busy).


Guest: You have a super nice session and towards the end or partway through he starts talking about meeting. You politely redirect the conversation/bluntly tell him no/keep dildoing ignoring the chat box and he will NOT STFU. 

I KNOW I am missing some here so expect a part 2 LOL.

Camming Is Not As Easy As It Looks – Camgirl Myths – Laziness

I know that people who look at cam models may think that this shit is easy. We are lazy money hungry (well duh! who doesn’t love money?!) sluts who lay in bed all day and play with our pussies because we are too stupid to do anything else. I’m going to put that to rest right fucking now.

MYTH – Cammodels are lazy. I’m not saying this isn’t true for all cam models, I have seen some LAZY girls on cam. I’ve seen girls sleep, play on their phones all day, watch tv, etc…. But, the majority of the top models on the sites are far from lazy. We work our fucking asses off. We work long shifts doing very physical activity when we are in private. Free chat is where we relax or at least try to. LOL. This is a very physically and mentally draining job. Yeah guys, it’s a fucking job to us. We do this to pay our bills. Get over it.

Physically – Cam modeling can be quite physically taxing. Yeah, it’s not landscaping or construction work but it is physically demanding. If you think I am full of shit, masturbate for 45 minutes solid (furious masturbation – not this casually stroking and sitting on your ass stuff). Then spend 10 minutes talking to people you don’t really want to talk to, then masturbate another 15 minutes in 2-3 different positions, talk for 5-10 and repeat ad nauseam with a permanent plastic smile slapped on your face. Do this for 18 hours one day and consider that you have had a good day and spent a cumulative 10-12 hours of that masturbating. I guarantee you by the end of the day you are going to feel muscles you didn’t even know you had and the only thing that sounds good is a hot bath and your soft bed.

Basically you fuck all day. After you fuck your husband/boyfriend for 4 hours, your body is tired and your pussy is sore. This is no different. And you feel it the next day too when you go down the hall to your fuck palace and log in to do it all over again because you have bills to pay.

I have had cam cuties come in early in my shift, have me ride a dildo for 45 minutes and I am so worn out I almost have to call it a day.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I’m not really sure how to ride a cock like a madwoman (I provide quality services! haha!) for 45 minutes and not feel it in my thighs.

After “ride me bb”. For. 45. Fucking. Minutes.

Mentally – Mentally being a cam model can be so fucking draining at the end of the day that I just want to pour myself on the couch and not talk to anyone about anything. I want to watch mindless tv and eat gummy worms until I pass out.

Camming is (if your doing it right) a sales job and you have to strategize! I spend my whole day learning what makes my cuties tick and using it to my advantage. I spend my day coming up with dirty talk and scenarios on the fly because I am constantly being exposed to new fetishes and ways of doing things. I spend my day navigating freeloaders and learning to uncover new manipulation tactics that these guys use and outsmarting them. I spend my day trying to figure out how to get them to spend more and stay in private longer.

Aside from the sales/strategy game I play, I spend all day socially interacting with people. I am a highly sensitive introvert so this is extremely draining for me. I hate people. I hate talking. Maybe not the best career choice for my particular personality type however it is lucrative so I take one for the team and my bank account and paid off loans thank me for it.

Not all of the conversations are draining, I have had some very interesting and entertaining conversations with some of these men. I know I rant a lot about freeloaders/douchebags but you will have some intelligent, kind and interesting men to talk to, I promise. Those are the guys that make your day better.

However, having to be “on” all of the time can be draining. Please remember to take the time to care for your mental state while you are a cammodel. It’s crucial to your success. Know when you are done for the day mentally and cut your losses. You won’t provide a good experience for your cuties if you are burnt out. You will lose customers if you push yourself too hard. I have experienced this a few times, firsthand and now only log on when I am in a good mood and feeling energetic mentally. My earnings reflect this 🙂

Emotionally – You will experience emotional fatigue as a cam model. How so you ask? When you have all of these men telling you are beautiful/sexy/etc… Blah, blah, blah… You would think that would be energizing but it’s draining because you know that 90% of them are full of shit and say that to all the girls.

You will be trolled/verbally abused. This is a given. You can be the most beautiful and most kindhearted cammodel on the internet and someone will talk shit to you and try to knock you down. Especially if you are beautiful and kind. Men will talk down to you and will treat you like complete and utter shit. Expect this and learn how to block it out – or just troll them back! I find the ban hammer a wonderful tool for eliminating these guys. Just know that once you get rid of one, another is waiting in line. This is no different than working at a hospital and seeing blood. It comes with the territory, you just have to learn how to not let it get to you. Raging bitch on wheels? This won’t phase you at all 🙂

You will hear things/see things that will traumatize you. I once had a man turn on his cam when I had about 300 people in my chat room and he started slicing his hard cock with a razor blade. Not kidding. He was cutting deep and drawing blood. I was absolutely mortified and had to retain my composure in front of the other men in the room. I banned him and emailed support to let them know what he was up to. All with a smile on my face.

You will have pedophiles, you will receive death threats. You will have people tell you things JUST to watch your reaction. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!

Overall, I do enjoy camming even though this post sounded like a rant most likely, it is the truth! Camming can be very enjoyable, and taxing. If you want to just lay around lazily and not talk to these guys, not give an amazing performance every time they click the private button and just expect them to throw money at you for just sitting there with your phone in your face you will short change yourself financially and are just wasting your time. Do it right, and you will be rewarded!

My First Day As A Camgirl

I will never, ever forget my first cam shift. Ever. Not because it was bad, but because it was quite good! Terrifying but good, lol!

I decided to start camming on a Sunday, hoping it was slow so that I could get my feet up under me a little bit before I got really busy. Kind of like dipping your toes in the pool before you jump in. I always like to ease into new things so I was expecting to ease into this. Boy was I wrong, LOL! I had no idea how much attention my new girl status would bring, especially as I am sure that I looked like a deer in headlights and guys that were cammodel regulars could smell the new on me. I swear these guys can sniff out anything sometimes. Bad mood, tired, horny as fuck (occasionally!), grumpy, drunk… etc. They are like bloodhounds. If you are pissed as fuck and have a wonderfully plastic and composed smile on your face they will smell it and you will be wasting your time if you log in.

ANYWAY, I spent 2 hours getting ready. I shaved everything as smooth as I could get it, watched some makeup tutorials for makeup specifically related to photography on YouTube and did my hair perfectly! I was ON POINT! I set up the room with my overhead light, moved my bedside table to the end of the bed for my laptop and camera, put a desk lamp on my dresser, double checked it in the encoder to be sure everything looked good. Put on my best pair of panties, my best bra, grabbed my dildo and a small bottle of lube and logged into the site and started my broadcaster.

My pointer arrow hovered over that start broadcasting button for probably about 5 minutes until I found balls to actually hit it.

This was me, 1,000,000%. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I hit the button! People can SEE me!!

HOLY SHIT! Button hit and almost instantly names started appearing in the list next to my screen. The first “hi bb” popped up and I said hello, and then it exploded LOL. That first private started and luckily was short, lol. I was still trying to get used to the software so of course I flailed around for awhile, saying hello and getting an INSANE amount of requests for “ass bb” “tits bb”. Of course that day was my first lesson in freeloaders. LOL

I ended up in a show for almost an hour with a guy and gave it all I had. I was utterly exhausted at the end of it (you will learn how to pace yourself), and logged off to see how much I had made. I made $150 (my cut!) in just under 2 hours! I was completely gobsmacked and totally hooked! Of course my next 2 shift totaling 6 hours ended up netting me about $30 so I got a little bit discouraged but kept pushing on 🙂 I got my first lesson in how one shift can be vastly different from the next.

I think the first 30 minutes was the hardest part of the first shift. As if it isn’t hard enough you are trying to figure out the software, positioning yourself, and how to provide a good experience, you have a lot of manipulative guys that can tell you are new and are trying to get as much as they can for free. Camming can be overwhelming at first, but I promise you, you will learn how to do it! You will learn how to entice the guys to spend, you will learn how to avoid manipulative freeloaders and you will learn what your boundaries are 🙂

So, take a deep breath sexy lady. Put on those panties and don’t be afraid to give it a try! You may be opening the door to a new life you never expected!

Shady Members & Guests – How To Protect Yourself as a Camgirl

Admittedly, not EVERYONE is batshit crazy. A majority of people are harmless. As a camgirl you need to keep in the back of your mind at all times that some of these dudes are shady as fuck, in many ways. I don’t care how nice he is to you or how much money he spends on you. As far as you are concerned, every single one of them is a stalker/serial killer, etc. Always watch your ass! Your safety and happiness depends on it!

    1. DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION! EVER! Again with this, I know. But I feel like I cannot beat it into your head enough. Granted some of you are very smart, and I have no doubts you are smart enough to do this but sometimes it’s easy to get caught up when the money is flowing or you get a hot customer you “click” with. Not even your name!

      Do not give it out – EVER!
    2. DO NOT TELL THEM YOUR ACTUAL LOCATION! Just. Don’t. Do. It. I lie my ass off. I go far enough to give a regional area and that’s it, in private, by typing it (and it’s ALWAYS hundreds if not thousands of miles away!). If you feel you must give them a state that’s fine but make sure it’s not the one you are in. Unless you like having stalkers then be my guest. Cover/hide your windows if possible. If you tell them you are in the east and the sun is still up when it should be dark they will question you about it. Also, you will have to work around weather unfortunately. If you have a massive thunderstorm coming through and the only place in the whole country that is getting weather is in Kansas and you told them you are in California they may call you out. Yes, the crazy ones will go to those kind of lengths to figure out where you are!

      Do NOT Give Out Your Location! EVER!

  1. HIDE ALL EVIDENCE! I leave nothing in my cam room that has my name/address anything on it. Nothing! You never know when you may be in the middle of a hot private or a tip explosion in free chat, on accidentally knock over your cam and everyone in the room can see your electric bill that you just happened to set down until you could get around to mailing it off. Do you buy store brand bottled water and drink it on cam? Peel the damn label off! Did you go to Starbucks before camming, dump that shit into a personal Starbucks cup so they can’t see your name or even worse the drive through label with the date/time and store # on it!

    No personal information in your cam room AT ALL! That is what the rest of the house is for!!
  2. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL PHONE/EMAIL! The resourceful ones can trace this shit back to you! All they have to do with your phone number is use a reverse lookup search engine and BAM! They could be on your doorstep before you know it! If you would like to offer phone sex/sexting, use an APP like Sextpanther. Sextpanther masks your number and their texts/calls come directly to your phone. It’s the safest way to offer these services. I easily make an extra $200-$600 a month doing this. Their payout percentages are awesome too! If you must use an email for camming, use it only for that purpose and do not provide any traceable personal information when you set up the account! Use Gmail and make your name is something like Phucking Wh0re, date of birth is wrong and provide a different country as your location… You get the drift…

    Use alternate phone numbers and emails to sign up for any site you work on/social media! NOTHING that can be traced back to you!
  3. BE AWARE! AKA – CHECK YO-SELF! Always keep at the front of your mind when you are on cam that you have anywhere from 10 – THOUSANDS of people in your room watching your every move and listening to every word you say! Don’t slip up and give ANY personal information out at ALL! Keep the tv in other rooms turned down so that in case the local news comes on, they can’t hear it! Keep yourself in check at all times! I know it can be easy to get caught up in a great conversation and maybe divulge a little more than you should (I work out at this place, I like to eat at that one place called bleh, I go to this place all the time! etc…blah blah blah..) but always remember how many people are in your room at any given time. A good way for me to keep myself in check is to picture thousands of creepy eyes on me at once. It’s hard to do this sometimes when you are in your own home, in a comfy room and having a great time, but ALWAYS remember this!
    STFU and drink your tea! If they start getting too personal direct the subject back to sex!

    This is how I picture every guy that is talking to me in my chat room or just sitting there silently staring. Keeps my ass in check every damn time.
  4. DO NOT EVER – EVER – EVER OPEN A LINK A MEMBER HAS SENT YOU THROUGH CHAT, OR MESSAGES! Don’t do it, I’m serious! ALSO, do not ever go to a website that they direct you to (unless it’s something safe that you are familiar with like Amazon or Pornhub)! (Him: hey BB, this page has videos of my huge dick – the url is: www.wtfrudoingdumbass.cum – you should look at it!). They can send you to a site that will track your location, or install malware/hacking software onto your computer! Don’t fricking do it. Tell him no or just straight up ban his ass for pulling weird shit.

    Don’t do it! Chances are he may be sending you something harmless or the chances are he is trying to hack your shit. Risk level Defcon 5!
  5. ALWAYS CLOSE YOUR BROADCAST WINDOW/UNPLUG YOUR CAM IF YOU WON’T BE ON FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES! There are news stories all over the place regarding cameras on computers being hacked into. In the off chance some psycho douchebag were able to pull this off and you need to call your credit card company and/or have a conversation with your significant other with location details, etc. There ya go. Takes 1 second to do this. Just do it. Make it a part of your routine as much as checking your earnings or cleaning your dildos.

    I know you are doing the COMPLETE opposite of this but this was too damn funny not to post here 🙂
  6. Amazon/FaceTime, Snapchat, etc.. You will get requests for a link to your Amazon Wish List, requests to Facetime and or use messaging apps like Snapchat and Kik. I will of course leave this up to your personal discretion but please do a search regarding compromised personal information in regards to Amazon Wishlists and use your best judgement. I prefer not to use this, however I created a separate Amazon account using my camgirl email (with no personal information linked to it) and only accept gift cards through this account specifically. A lot of men will use this as a way to attempt to gather personal information about you. Facetime, uh, yeah. This one isn’t rocket science….. Snapchat does have a map/locator function so be sure you turn it to “Ghost” mode. You can still use these services, just be smart and vigilant when you do so!                                                                                                                                                                                            I am sure I may have missed something, and there will likely be a part 2 to this post but it’s a great start! Camming is great fun and very enjoyable (and the money is nice too, lol!) but always remember you are taking a risk here and you need to keep yourself safe 🙂

Five Things I Wish I Would Have Understood When I Started Camming

When I decided to start camming I did research. A fuckton of it. A metric shitload of research. I thought of nothing but camming. I furiously devoured blog and forum posts, looked at porn websites and hung out in camgirl rooms.  I was consumed by it. What webcam to buy, what to wear, how to act, what to do when someone finally clicked that button to take me private, how I would get paid. I thought I had a pretty full understanding of camming the first time I hit the “Start Show” button. Needless to say, some things you only learn by doing………

  1. SHADY DUDES!                                                                                                         Protect Yourself! I am NOT kidding here! The first thing you should put into your head when you login is all of these guys are crazy and resourceful as FUCK! This should be on your mind EVERY SINGLE SECOND you are broadcasting! Do NOT give out any personal information at all! I lie my ass off all day. Stay safe! Look at every guy as if he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Most are harmless and just want to jerk off but you never know….. I don’t care how NICE is is or how much money he spends on you – don’t ever give him your information! EVER!

    Chances – Don’t take them!
  2. FREELOADERS                                                                                                                                 Freeloaders will be the bane of your existence while you are camming. I knew to expect them but holy shit I hate them. They are manipulative and/or stupid as fuck. They will try everything they can to get something out of you for free. When I was new I fell for this over and over. Don’t fall for their shit. I promise, you will thank yourself for it later. When any customer on a cam site says “Show me ___ and I will take you private/tip” just know he is absolutely full of shit! I don’t care how much $ he has in his account. I have had men sit in my room with upwards of $1K trying to get free shit. If he doesn’t tip/take you private – do not give him a damn thing. Including your time.

    It’s what they do!
  3. MONEY IS INCONISISTENT!                                                                                              You will start making money. Sometimes even VERY GOOD money. Do not let yourself for one second think one pay period, one day, or even one shift is going to be consistent. I’ve had days where I have logged in for 3 hours, made $5 and then went back in a few hours later and made $600 in an hour and a half. There have been months when I have made $500 and months where I have made $12K. You are fully dependent on these men for your financial survival. This is where you need to be smart! Shit will fuck your schedule up! I promise! Illness, internet going down/out, your damn period, weather, etc….. Don’t ever think because you cam for a few hours one night and made a few hundred or more bucks it will happen again the next time you log in. Save your money as much as you can! Pay off debts and pay your bills ahead if you can! Cover your financial ass!

                       Save that shit!
  4. Chargeback and Refunds!                                                                                    Another little nugget to keep in your pocket. Yes, appreciate the site for being available for you to use, but always be aware you may get “chargebacks” or “refunds”. Tips you have earned/shows you have done will be “refunded” to the user/member. Even though you know damn well that particular customer would not ask for a tip/gift refund because he always spends a lot and tips well and they only “refunded” him a $5 tip out of the $300 he has tipped you over a month….. Um, yeah. Just be sure you understand that this is a part of the industry and every single cam site does this. You will just have to accept it. If you find a cam site that NEVER does this please correct me and send me the link so that I can cam there!

    Seriously, they don’t give a fuck.
  5. BE CONSISTENT!                                                                                                              It is VERY easy when you first start out to just cam your ass off. When I started out and saw the potential cash I could make doing this I would cam 18-20 hour shifts and would do what I could to be in there as much as I could. Sure I started making good money but I burnt myself out FAST! It’s easy to run yourself into the ground because it’s available to you 24 hours a day. It’s just as easy to procrastinate. If you had an amazing shift one day you may want to treat yourself to a day off the next. It’s easy to say “I’ll log in later/tomorrow”. The very best thing you can do with this is treat it like a job. Set yourself a schedule that works for you physically/financially and emotionally. This will come with time and you will figure out what works for you. It took me a good 6 months or so to balance out my schedule to avoid burnout yet bring in what I needed to bring in. Sometimes it will be slow and you will have to hustle an extra shift or 2 to make ends meet but be sure you take very good care of yourself while doing this! This is a JOB and is what is paying your bills, treat it as such and you will be rewarded.

    This will save your ass!

There is so much to learn when you first start out, much of it will be hands on and will come with experience. So set your schedule, watch your ass and save your money. Get your makeup on beautiful girl and go make some cash!

         Make Money SEXTING!