Types of Members – The Entitled Financially Well off Asshole

You will encounter many types of guys online while you are camming. They range from the “grey” (member with no funds) that parks in your room constantly and never adds money. To the “whale/unicorn” – most of whom are pretty damn nice and don’t say much oddly enough UNLESS they are the whales that take you private for 2 hours JUST to chat and hang out. They do exist! Then you will get this guy (maybe). I’ve had 3 of these and they are somewhat rare but they do exist. Like unicorns. Unicorn assholes.

I’d like you to meet the Entitled & Financially Well Off Asshole:

There is another type of “whale” that I want to give you a heads up about. This is the guy that starts out hanging out in your room with very little money and tips you a few bucks here and there – running his mouth the whole time. As annoying as these guys are sometimes if you humor them they can become quite lucrative!

They almost always try to start drama between you and another model or member, or they are rude to your other members but nice to you, and you debate getting rid of them. I had one guy do this to me for a few days – he then comes back into my room with almost $900, tips me $50, and then returns a few hours later with $3 to sit and chat and chat and chat. I ALMOST banned him. I actually hit the button to do so but didn’t confirm and let him remain however I started ignoring him a bit. I’m SO GLAD I did not ban him!

He spent almost $3K on me in 3 days after that and continues to spend a pretty decent amount on me a few times a week still, which is why I put up with him. When he pays my car payment in 10 minutes it’s REALLY hard to tell him to fuck off.

Dudes like this guy just LOVE to impress you with their money but are difficult to deal with because they are essentially pains in the ass. They act like the chatty freeloaders, say stupid shit, do mean things to your regulars like take you private after a huge tip from a very old very NICE regular and then laugh about it in private like you think it’s funny too. (Stupid fucker – all you did was piss me off). He then tries to make you work around HIS schedule – asking you to come online when it’s convenient for him, usually at really weird hours. It’s their way of trying to use their money to control. Don’t fall for it. Show him that YOU are in control and not desperate. Inaccessibility can be an advantage. More about that in a future post.

Also, he inundates your message box when you are offline…. Tells you what to wear, asks for free shit in free chat. <- That one REALLY pisses me off because you don’t want to give the cheap assholes in the room anything for free or have them misunderstand that all they have to do is ask for free shit and you will do it. I ALWAYS have to do damage control after this happens. Sometimes for DAYS.

These guys act like they own you because they’ve spent so much money on you. I think that’s the most frustrating part of it. And I NEVER let them have control which just makes them spend more oddly enough…… At least that has been my experience.

You will  likely have a dude like this (or 2 or 3+) that you will have to deal with. Just keep smiling through clenched teeth and take his money honey!

Self Care As A Cam Model – Causes of Burnout

If you are just starting out as a cammodel I’m sure you are sitting there wondering how on EARTH one can get burnt out on camming. How can someone get burnt out being in their own home, having orgasms all day and making excellent money while doing it?! I assure you, this is VERY real and you will know it when you feel it! Sex work in any form tends to have a very high level of burnout.

Causes of Burnout:

  • Begaars/Freeloaders – Beggars will likely be a huge source of your burnout. You will be asked for free stuff all damn day. “Tits BB, Ass BB, Pussy in Free Chat BB, If you show me ____ first I’ll take you private”, etc, etc, HUGE fucking eye roll here….HUGE! These guys will wear you the fuck out. And it never, ever stops. It tends to get worse after the holidays and during the summer. Also, these dudes will compliment you to death and not pay a dime. As soon as they start complimenting you over and over just know you will not see a token or gold from them. And then there are the mother fuckers that just sit and stare without ever interacting with you.
  • Hearing the same shit. Every. Fucking. Day. Occasionally you will have a guest say something unique, but the longer you do this, the less it happens. The phrase that currently sends me almost homicidal right now is: Me: “Hru?” Dumbass: “Better now that I see you.”. UGH! STFU!
  • Constantly having to be “on”. If you cam long shifts like I do, you have to be “on” for so many hours a day that it becomes draining. You have to smile, flirt and be happy (which is not my norm personally,).
  • Physical burnout. Your body will get sore from long days. Your thighs will hurt, your shoulders and arms will hurt and if you have had a good day or two your pussy will be on fire.
  • Isolation. You spend all day in a room by yourself.Yes, you are interacting with people but this job is VERY isolating. Especially if you do not make friends with other cam models or have anyone to download your day onto or bounce ideas/frustrations off of.
  • Repetition. Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s almost always the same thing, the same request, the same show, the same dudes, day in and day out. When I first started camming the guys were pretty creative, it seems like less and less that I get creative shows with creative guys who want to have a good time physically AND stimulate my mind and I his.
  • Slow traffic/bad money. This will always burn me out the fastest. Slow days happen, but you still have to sit through them because you never know who will show up and make your day. When you have a group of guys that have spent all they are going to spend (you will learn to recognize this pattern in time) and just talk, talk, talk because you are stuck in free chat all damn day because it’s so quiet….. You will keep them around for entertainment purposes during the slow times, hoping they will spend again but they will more than likely just sit there and drain you mentally.
  • Trolls: Trolls are always there, and the really sad part is it’s usually a jealous model who is trolling you. More on trolls in a different post…….
  • Site drama and bullshit. When your site starts ripping you off, processing bullshit chargebacks and cutting your traffic when you get to a point that your commission increases – you will burn out quickly. You spend a lot of time trying to get to that 40%, 50% 60% cut and then they pull your traffic back to direct it to models at lower tiers this can be extremely deflating. It starts taking you 2-3 times longer online to make what you used to make at a lower tier. More hours+less money= burnout!

These are a few contributors to my burnout, yours may be different.

Biggest Cause of Burnout Right Here!