Managing Your Personal Online Presence BEFORE You Start Camming

Okay, so you have read up on camming, have gathered your toys, outfits and watched a bunch of Youtube videos on makeup/lighting, etc and may even be getting ready to sign up for a site… BUT HOLD UP SISTER!

You need to always keep in mind that not all of these guys are here for a quick jerk off or some attention and that some of them may actually be batshit crazy enough to try to FIND YOU?! IRL?!

What have you done to manage your PERSONAL online presence? Have you done anything to make it harder for these guys to access your personal information/profiles?

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With new technologies coming out constantly it makes it easier and easier for scary dudes to find you! Face recognition software is easy to get and makes it insanely easy to find people just from a photo!

You need to think long, hard and deep (PUN!) about how easy or hard you are to find online. Or, how easy/hard you want it to be for others to actually find you!

Me personally, I deleted EVERY SINGLE ONE of my online profiles. All of them! I found profiles I had that I forgot even existed, deleted all of my photos first and THEN deleted the profile. You may not wish to be that extreme about it, but it is what I felt most comfortable doing.

I actually had a member in my early days use face recognition to find me. He found my full name and knew where I lived – then he posted it publicly in my chat room with about 300 guests in there! Needless to say my home is surrounded with cameras, he was reported to the site and I now have a small arsenal in my home. DO NOT FUCK AROUND WITH THIS LADIES!

ALWAYS protect yourself – ALWAYS! Even and ESPECIALLY when you get a whale that is somewhat unstable and becomes jealous and controlling as well as is CONSTANTLY digging for personal information. Don’t think for one second that if you just reject them they will walk away easy. It may be the case but DON’T TAKE THE RISK!

A Spouse/Partner Perspective on Being In A Relationship With Camgirl – Guest Blog – PART 2 – SEX

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Welcome to part 2 of the spouse perspective posts about what it is like to be in a relationship with a cammodel. This post dives into the topic of sex. Camming WILL impact your sex life in ways you may not expect and it’s important that your partner is understanding and sympathetic to what you do for a living and how this will affect your sex drive!

Part 2 – SEX

Alright, in the first post I wrote, I talked about some of the simple things you will come to learn if your significant other becomes a cam model. Here I will talk about how this field may or may not affect your personal sex life with said lover.

Right off the bat, sooner or later, your sex life will be affected by being with a cam model. The sex will slow down. Learn to embrace it and accept it. Let’s put the shoes on the other foot for a second. Imagine turning on porn in the morning, whipping out your dick and beating it furiously for the next 6-8 hours with minimal breaks. Now, imagine your wife coming home and mounting you like riding bareback on a horse. Needless to say, your urge for actual sex probably dipped a little that day. You are probably going to be sore and sexually drained. Mentally and physically. Imagine doing this for 5 or 6 days a week. Get the picture?

masturbation, camgirl, cammodel

It’s like this, if you mowed yards for a living, would you want to come home and mow yours every night as well? Probably not. So if your spouse is thinking about becoming a cam model, this is something you both must be prepared for.

My wife and I are a 4 or 5 times a week couple. Now, with her camming, we have to plan out times for sex more than we ever did. Spontaneity doesn’t exist for us anymore. We are a 1 or 2 times a week couple at the moment. Sure, I’d love to have more sex with her, but I understand the nature of the game. I am completely at ease with it. That is why, again, trust and communication are vital in this area. The two of you must communicate with each other about how this is affecting the both of you. Take time for each other no matter what. Yes, you have to plan out your sex too. Sure, there is still a little spontaneity, but it is sparse.

I can tell you that if you do start to get a little sexually frustrated as a partner to a cam model, you mustn’t hold it in and then jump all over her/him about why you’re not having sex when all he/she does is have cyber sex with strangers all day. It’s not a good approach.

You must openly communicate with each other at all times about when your “you” time is appropriate for the both of you. It’s just something you must learn to accept when thinking about taking this path. Once you do that, you will then begin to realize that your partner isn’t ditching you for random dong and pussy talk all day. She’s just doing a job that pays the bills. When your partner is with you intimately, it is more personal. More involved. And yes, your cam working partner does have to be able to shut off the camming and turn on the real world first.

Camming isn’t a straight parallel line for your cam model partner. My wife can’t just go from a 45 minute private that has her dressed like a secretary that is fucking her boss in a fantasy world, to turning off the computer and pouncing on me in the next room, in the real world. There must be time for a separation from fantasy to reality. You must come to understand this as well and be patient.

switch gears, sex, partner, cam model, camgirl

It’s like watching a murderous and gory horror flick and in the middle of it being hit up for sex. Chances are you’ll need a few minutes to get your head back in the game so you can perform at a peak level. Yes, your spouse is talking sex all day, in a fantasy realm that he or she views as a job, but you can’t just come crashing into the cam room with a hard-on and mount her just because she is in the sex industry and you think she’s in the mood. It doesn’t work like that. Your partner must have a little time to separate business from pleasure first. Even though it is in the same field.

Don’t get me wrong, every once in awhile, she’ll have a steamy private that fires her up. It is rare, but it does happen. Then, that’s when some of that spontaneous sex occurs. Honestly, I love when that happens. I look at it as some other dude just paid to have my wife fired up and I reap all the benefits.

That’s the way you must mentally change in order for life with a cam model to flow more smoothly. Turn what your spouse does into a positive for the both of you on your end. Let them talk about their day, let them share. Hell, use some of that as foreplay when the two of you have your time together if that gets the blood flowing. Whatever. Again, if you can take some of this advice I’m sharing with you to heart, it will lead to you having a very harmonious relationship with your camming spouse. Not only that, the money he or she makes from it will be that little cherry on the top. Just some things to think about.

I will be back to talk about more of what to expect if you have a lover who is thinking of camming. Until part 3, take care and have fun!

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How To Avoid UTI’s or Bladder Infections

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One (another!) thing that became new to me once I started camming was Urinary Tract Infections (aka. UTI’s or Bladder Infections). I had never had one before and I didn’t start getting them until I was about a year into camming. I’m a very clean camgirl, which helps, but I have had to basically go OCD on being clean(er) in order to further prevent any more flare ups. Here is what I do to keep my lady bits happy and try to avoid this occurring again:

    • WASH YOUR TOYS!  Every time you use them! For my non-electronic toys I use a diluted (with bottled water) version of Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Castile soap in a spray bottle to wash my toys (under HOT running water!) and then dry them thoroughly with a CLEAN towel. For my electronic toys I use a clean, dry washcloth and toy cleaner spray.
  • PEE AFTER EVERY PRIVATE!  I’m serious! Anytime your stick anything in your vagina or even rub it GO PEE as soon as you can! This will help flush out any bacteria that has gotten into your urethra/urinary tract. Do not hold your bladder for too long – even if you have to log out of Free Chat to do so.No UTI! Avoiding UTI, camgirl, camming
  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER!  I find myself constantly in a conundrum with this one. I’m trying to avoid peeing so I can stay on cam longer but if I don’t drink enough water I end up with a UTI – Grrrrrrr…. I’ve started a schedule to make sure I drink what I need to: 1 bottle first thing when I get up – 1 bottle about 20 minutes before I log off for lunch (1-2 hour break)- 1 bottle 20 minutes before I log off for dinner (1-2 hour break) and then I sip 1 bottle during my night shift so I’m not up all night peeing 🙂 drink water, pee, uti, camgirl
  • CRANBERRY /URINARY SUPPLEMENTS & JUICE: Take a cranberry/urinary health supplement and drink a bottle of cranberry juice before bed. AZO has a wonderful line of urinary related supplements that are absolutely AH_MAZING!
  • PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS IN YOUR LUBE! You may very well be using something that is not good for your body or that your skin is sensitive to! Try different lubes to see which are not as irritating to your sensitive girly bits 🙂 Lube reviews are cumming soon! A few of my favorites are below!

Happy peeing!

What To Wear on Cam? Wear what works for YOU!

Be Yourself, camgirl, wear, model

One of the best things you can do for yourself as a cam model is to just be you If you are a newbie, I know you have been nosing around the sites, watching models and trying to see how this all works. I did the same thing. Obsessively taking mental notes on what the model’s were wearing, what their rooms looked like and how they conducted themselves. If you are a seasoned veteran you are either in there to see if the site is having tech issues, spying on your haters or looking to see what the other models are wearing (I’m guilty still!).

During your research you may notice there are 2 types that stand out the most:
  1. Models with fancy looking rooms wearing fancy lingerie.
  2. Models with normal looking rooms wearing panties and a bra or t-shirt/tank top.

These models all have their own hustle and are doing what works for them. I’m here to encourage you to do what works for you! You may think you will attract bigger spenders with all of the fancy lingerie and expensive heels but I want to let you know that this is not always the truth. Yes, some members prefer that type of model, but you may be surprised at how many of them don’t.

I’m more like #2. Occasionally I’ll wear something fancy, but I NEVER wear heels. Okay, I did once and took them off after 10 minutes. Oddly enough I do best in a tank top and panties, and the occasional nice bra with matching panties set.

When I started out I was trying so hard to be like model number 1 but it just didn’t fit my personality. So much so that a few members pointed it out. The lingerie doesn’t match the girl – LOL! Don’t get me wrong, I will whip out the occasional show stopper lingerie set with garters and shit and my members enjoy it but then I go right back to being me 🙂 No joke, my top 3 highest earning days have been with shitty hair, a tank top or t shirt and panties (I keep those sexy though!).

My main point with this post is to encourage you to do YOU! If you are like model #1 – DO IT! If you are more like model #2 – DO IT! If you are nothing like either of those and are artsy, crass, into cosplay, nerdy, ghetto, laid back AF, whatever –  then do it! JUST DO YOU! You will be somebody’s flavor!Be Yourself, camgirl, wear, model

If you aren’t sure what your style is, try a few and see which one you feel more comfortable with! Your earnings and enjoyment of your shift will tell you everything!

Camming is not just surface appearances! It goes deeper than that! Camming is confidence and you being comfortable with yourself and comfortable with what you are doing. THAT is what makes the money! These guys can sniff out fake and awkward like a shark smelling blood. Don’t cheat yourself by putting up a front!



A Spouse/Partner Perspective on Being In A Relationship With Camgirl – Guest Blog – PART 1 – Trust & Communication

Okay ladies (and curious men), I brought my husband in to do a guest blog post for us. I thought it would be really nice to bring into view how being a camgirl MAY (everyone’s situation is different!) affect your partner and your relationship with your partner from their perspective.

This is HIS perspective and we have a very unique relationship which allows for us to enjoy the fruits of my (and his!) open mindedness and willingness to share intimate parts of myself with others to help secure a good future for the both of us moving forward.


Part 1 


So, your wife, and or girlfriend, wants to be a cam model, eh?

Well, it’s not a bad deal at all…if you as a spouse are prepared for it.
My wife is a cam model. I know what you’re thinking; how can I let thousands of men and women look at my wife in the most intimate of ways? It’s easy…trust. But, there are some things you should know about being a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend of someone in this industry.
First off, if you are the type of partner that has to check your partners phone, emails, letters from home, whatever, then this is not something that is going to sit well with you and you should make your feelings known. Basically, if you’re not okay with thousands of people seeing your partner buck naked with dildos and lube flying all around the room right from the get-go, it’s not going to get better for you or your feelings about it.
If you are at ease right from the start but only have a little hesitance about how all this works (this is normal), you’re probably going to be just fine with your spouse bouncing on fake dong’s all day for cash. If you can be at ease, which I am, about the love of your life sharing herself with the rest of the world, it can be quite the lucrative adventure for the both of you. It just requires you to get out of your own way and let the money come rolling in. Let’s put it this way. I’m married to a top cam model. We have a bad month if she, say, makes 6 grand for that month of work.
Camgirl, relationship, trust
When she first started doing camming, I was curious as to how this worked and what could be made income wise from it. I was also worried about her safety as well. So when my wife first started this whole thing, I used to sit in the room with her just out of cameras view, sipping on a cold beer while I heard thousands of men carry on a conversation about how bad they wanted to fuck her. I watched her do what she does with me privately on a more amplified level of display. I used to laugh to myself, and with her, about how if that guy that just took her private only knew that her husband was sitting behind the laptop flipping through a magazine while drinking a beer.
After awhile, and after I knew how careful my wife is with our safety earning an income in this field, as well as after I realized how this all worked, I quit going into the room with her. Now the only clue for me to know that she is having a good income day is when I hear moaning and movement coming out of her cam room every five seconds. It’s the sweet sound of the savings account growing a little fatter.
As I mentioned above, trust is the key foundation, just like any relationship for any way of life is, that the two of you must have before venturing into this endeavor. Trust me when I say that your camming partner will see better looking options while camming than you. You must learn to accept that.
She will get hundreds of offers to meet up or even get paid thousands of dollars to just hang out with other men. You have to trust your partner to have her, and your, best interests at heart when these offers are made to her. IT WILL HAPPEN. My wife doesn’t meet any of these men or women. Most cam models do not either. Hopefully, your partner isn’t one of the few that take it outside of the camming world behind your back. That’s why rock sold trust is key here.
Trust, True Love, Camgirl, relationship

My wife and I have very good communication. That in itself creates more trust. She will tell me about every offer that she gets to meet, which guys and girls ACTUALLY turn her on (Yes fella’s, most of you couldn’t turn on a light switch. Remember, my wife gets paid to tell you that you’re a sex God), she tells me about the mild and disgusting requests she gets, and so on. She doesn’t hold back when she starts to tell me about her day.

Just so you know, I do not ask. I do not brow beat her about anything. My wife freely talks about her day just like most of us do that work in office’s or wherever. My wife camming and her talking about her day doing it have become so normal to me now that it’s no different if she was a plumber or something. You too will get that way if you have trust, real trust, between the two of you.

Effective Communication, relationship, camgirl, cam model
As I mentioned above, again, how can my wife and I allow her to be so exposed to people in the most intimate of ways? Besides trust, the first time my wife cammed it was a Sunday Afternoon. The first hour she cammed, she made one hundred and fifty bucks. This is when I started to notice that this was a legitimate way to earn an income. A damn good one too. I just had to step aside and let her do her thing. When I get home from work each day, my wife out earns me, on shorter shifts, usually 3-4 to 1. All it took was for us to trust one another and the rest has been taking care of itself ever since.
I will have more parts to discuss on this topic coming soon. Like how it affects your sex life and social life, along with some other things that you should be aware of before getting involved in this career path as a partner. Until next time!
I hope you enjoyed reading my husbands perspective! I know I did but I’m biased LOL! I look forward to his other posts 🙂
It’s very important to provide an outside perspective because camming does and will effect your relationships. You may think going into camming that it shouldn’t have much of an impact but it does. I agree with him 100% about trust and good communication being essential. Those traits are essential to every relationship, however need to be fully present and consistent moreso when a couple has a partner that is a camgirl/cam model (or any type of sex worker!)!


Typical Day on Cam – What To Expect – Part 1

I’m still giggling a little every time I read the title to this post. You can absolutely have a typical day on cam, however, the thing with camming is that everything can change in a matter of seconds. I’ll focus on the more redundant and mundane aspects of a day on cam that you can expect, anticipate and almost set your watch to in this post though.

Free Chat:

Guest: Hi BB – You start typing or saying hello to respond – Guest leaves.

Guest: Hi BB, Hru? (punctuation optional) – You: Great, hru? – Guest: Better now that I see you (or something excruciatingly similar) *shoots self in the face*. After about the 10th time of this you will become visibly annoyed when they say it unless you have really good “poker face”.

Guest: Show me ___ and I’ll tip/take you private/exclusive. This one pisses me off to no end and they almost always get a lecture on being a cheap asshole.

Guest: ASS/TITS/FEET/DO SOMETHING BB (Hello NEVER comes before this – they just come in and say this shit without so much as an introduction.)

Guest: Where are you from BB? Where do you live BB? (Why? Do you think I’m going to actually meet some faceless guy that is perusing a camsite with $0.15 in his account with an appallingly uncreative username referring to his massive penis?)

Guest: Make me hard BB (Well YOUR cock is in YOUR hands so how the fuck is this my responsibility in free chat – UGH!)

Guest: runs mouth (or fingers in this case I guess) filling up your chat box with boring nonsense and never tips you or takes you private.

Guest: (insert vulgar dirty talk publicly – tells sex story publicly) You: Can we talk about this/that in private? Guest: leaves or just keeps fucking talking.

Private/Paid Chat:

Guest: Takes you into paid chat with 1-3 minutes worth of funds without warning. You get 15 seconds into private and he starts demanding you show your pussy or cram a toy in your vagina immediately. Leaves 40 seconds into paid chat after clearing out an active and actually interesting chat room.

Guest: Pussy now BB You: 

Guest: Faster BB

Guest: Takes you private with 5-15 minutes worth of funds and 5 minutes in you are juggling 3 dildos (one hanging out of your mouth held by your lips because you are out of hands and you are annoyed enough you are gnawing on the tip of it and hoping he doesn’t notice),  one in your pussy and one in the other hand while pinching your nipples simultaneously, wiggling your ass, moaning his name and waving your feet at the camera because he has a foot fetish too. Cue circus music…..

Right. In. The. Feels.

Guest: Asks for something against site rules. You say no. He keeps pushing the envelope. You 5 times out of 10 have to ban his ass so YOU don’t get into trouble, and the other 5 they just leave.

Guest: Says nothing. Absofucking-lutely nothing. Could have anywhere from 1 minute to 2 hours worth of funds. Doesn’t say a damn thing or respond to questions so you just go into “auto-whore” mode and do the usual routine because you have no idea what in the fuck he wants/is thinking/or if he’s even watching you. This could go on for 3 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes (this has actually happened to me – asked him to type hello every few minutes or so to let me know he was there but his hands were busy).


Guest: You have a super nice session and towards the end or partway through he starts talking about meeting. You politely redirect the conversation/bluntly tell him no/keep dildoing ignoring the chat box and he will NOT STFU. 

I KNOW I am missing some here so expect a part 2 LOL.

Self Care As A Cam Model – Recognizing Burnout

It’s very easy to get burnt out as a cam model. I’m actually writing this for you while in a deep state of burnout. Thankfully I am on my period so I’m getting a break from the source. This is the only time in my life where I have actually been HAPPY to get my period! Yay! No makeup, dirty hair, sweats and nobody demanding anything of me – it’s the most blissful time of the month. LOL!

The first question you may ask yourself is “Why is she still doing this if she’s so burnt out?”. Easy answer. The fucking money. When you start earning large amounts of money and set financial goals (which you must do to get the most out of this job!) you don’t really have a choice. You have to go online. BUT you have to learn to be more gentle with yourself during burnout so I use a different approach to camming when I’m burnt out. More on that in another post 🙂

Signs of Burnout:

  • Easily irritated.
  • Snapping at guests/members quickly when you see the same bullshit game trying to be played. I prefer to kindly tell them to fuck off instead of lashing out at them to toss their “dick into a blender cheap mother fucker”. BUT when the burnout bitch is in full effect……
  • Dreading going online with a dread similar to walking The Green Mile. Every little thing is a distraction before you finally login. Chipped polish, cats need water, hair isn’t perfect, the fridge needs to be cleaned out and maybe I’ll go detail the car because I haven’t washed it in 9 months because I’ve been online 14 hours a day…… Justifying anything else that needs to get done because you would rather just not today.
  • Sitting online quietly picking at your nails or fucking with your phone/music when you are normally pretty active and engaging. Frequent, deep sighs included.
  • Depression. I’m not kidding. Camming will stop being fun. You will sleep a lot more, sleep in late, blow off shifts to go to bed early. Every mean/douchebag/dickhead comment will cut you to your core instead of rolling off you like it usually does. Your give a damn will be non-existent.
  • You get new outfits or toys/hair done/tan/manicure etc. and you just don’t care – it doesn’t perk you up the way it used to. Doing your makeup becomes a chore and you would much rather just chill with your dirty hair in a pair of yoga pants watching a documentary on sliced bread then hear another “ur so beautiful bb” “can I see your ass/pussy/tits/feet before I take you private bb?” “want to meet and fuck me bb?”, etc…
  • Did you twitch just seeing BB – yeah, ur fucked LOL.
  • You will start wishing the guys would hurry up, cum and STFU even though you are in paid chat and are making money because you are that sick of them.You dream of some random guy just coming in, tipping you a shitload of tokens/gold and GTFO without saying a word so you can take some time off….
  • You start considering going back to your day job. You fantasize about a cubicle farm and not having to touch your pussy for 6 months……

Rest easy beautiful and REMEMBER to take time for yourself. You have to. Your hustle will go to shit if you don’t and you will find your income and placement will suffer. Yes, you may lose some cash but you will gain it back when you come back refreshed, happy and horny again! I promise! Your custies WILL miss you and they WILL come back and they will SPEND on you because of it. These guys can smell burnout like sharks smelling blood. Take care of you first so that you can take care of them…. mmmmm-kay?

Camgirl 101 – Lighting, Music & Room Setup


Lighting and room set up are very important to the vibe you have and the paying traffic you will attract into your chat room! The better lighting and equipment you have, the more money you will make!

Admittedly when I started camming, I used a desk lamp and 2 floor lamps for lighting, yet still managed to be successful. Now I own a continuous light softbox set by Limo (on Amazon for $69) and noticed a sharp increase in paying traffic to my room when I installed them 🙂

The men want to be able to SEE you, of course! BUT, you don’t want to have so much lighting saturation that you look “washed out” either!

You earnings can certainly be affected by lighting placement and the “mood” that the lighting sets in your room.

Check out this wiki on 3 point lighting – SUPER helpful!


Music is important to the mood of your cam room as well as lighting!

Obviously you would want to listen to any music you enjoy, but keep in mind that you are trying to set a tone that earns you money. Imagine if you were to walk into a bar/restaurant and they were blaring something that made you uncomfortable or that you absolutely couldn’t stand. You would leave? Right? The same theory applies here! Neutral music is the best option if you want to make money.

Volume of the music is important too. I have gone into a cam model’s chat room and have had to immediately click out because it was INSANELY LOUD!!  Not good! Always try to keep the volume low enough to where it can be heard, but is not overpowering. Often during privates I will turn the music down to where it is barely audible but can still be heard. This helps to deter would be assholes from recording your video with sound and reposting it somewhere else because they would be breaking copyright laws and could be sued by the artist.

FYI – my “go to” when I am camming is the Portishead station on Pandora. Be sure if you use Pandora, you either purchase the “Ad-Free” version for $4.99 a month OR set your geographic area to somewhere you don’t live for your safety 🙂 I also have a “Camming Playlist” on Amazon Music.

Make sure your music makes you feel good and you enjoy it, just be sure it’s tasteful! You wouldn’t be blasting ghetto gangster rap in the middle of a corporate office so don’t do it on cam! Remember, treat this like a job and you will benefit greatly!

This is no bueno if you want to make money!


Firstly and most importantly BE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE! However you choose to cam (in bed, laying down, sitting up, edge of the bed, chair in front of a desk, on the floor even!) always be sure you are comfortable and are displaying a flattering camera angle.

Be sure that what area the members can see is well lit, clean and inviting. Solid background colors work best, with little accents of color to provide interest. Keep toys out of view and stash some lube within reach but off cam just in case you need it!

Don’t be afraid to show off some personality either! Stuffed toys, posters, art, etc.! Believe it or not a good majority of the men that visit would like to see who you are, and would like to know about your interests because it makes their time with you a little more personal (which also keeps them coming back for more!).

Be sure to hide anything that reveals your location and/or has personal information on it. I personally have NOTHING in my room that will give anyone ANY idea of where I live, or places that I frequent. More about this in THIS blog post!

Don’t be that girl!

Provide a warm, inviting and comfortable room and I assure you, you will be rewarded for it!


Camgirl Myth – All Camgirls Are All Sluts

Oh boy, this is going to be a fun post, lol! This myth needs to be addressed for many reasons because I think this is a huge misconception about camgirls that needs to be addressed.

Are we more free with our bodies than a good majority of other people? Yes. I have absolutely no problem sharing my body visually with another human for stimulation purposes and being monetarily compensated for it. I’ve been a stripper AND a camgirl. I prefer being a camgirl because I really don’t enjoy having some gross drunk slob breathing all over me and trying to bite my nipples off. Or the frat boy that keeps trying to take me home so he can “fuck the tits off” of me. I just don’t enjoy being groped and fondled for 8+ hours. But, that’s just me. I hate people, lol. Especially when they can touch me!

For those of you women that do strip/escort I have nothing but respect for you! You put up with WAY more shit than I do! At least when I get tired of their shit I just log off and go soak in my tub or pet my cat.

Yes, as a camgirl more of you is exposed and you are being watched by an unknown number of people as you grope and fondle yourself into an explosive orgasm. I prefer this. Maybe it’s because I don’t like to be touched (with the exception of one special man). Maybe it’s because I REALLY like the money too 🙂 Maybe it’s because I have no fucks left to give. LOL. Either way, there is nothing wrong with being an exhibitionist. Absolutely nothing. Especially if it helps you get your bills paid and look forward to an early retirement!

Fuck yes!

All camgirls hook up with their customers or escort on the side. Um, yeah, wrong! I won’t speak for ALL camgirls of course – I am aware there are some that actually do and I don’t judge! Your hustle is your hustle! Get that money honey! BUT, there are a pretty good majority of us that are married, have life partners or are even *gasp* CELIBATE!

All camgirls have an insatiable sex drive. Ahem. Some of us may have more of a sex drive than most but honestly, by the end of a cam shift the very last thing I want to do is think about, talk about or have sex. I’m worn out! My drive to stuff my bank account full is stronger than my sex drive. Sure, I enjoy my time on cam and have great and often multiple orgasms but I am by no means insatiable 🙂

Me after a long cam shift…

We are all cheaters. This is far from the truth. Those of us that are involved in trusting relationships with our partners do not use this as a means to cheat. Some do and thats their prerogative but you cannot lump us all into the same pile. I am happily married and have no desire to be with anyone other than my husband.

But aren’t you helping other people to “cheat” on their partners?! That’s all about perspective. If someone is jerking off to me on cam while his wife is at work, it has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with him. If it wasn’t me he would just find another model or watch porn. I’m fine with my lights being on because he needs a quick wank. Also, basic male psychology – men are visual and crave variety. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his GF/Wife, it’s just visually stimulating for him and makes him feel good.

There is nothing wrong with being sexually open minded. Nothing! That doesn’t make somebody a “slut”. In my book, there is no such thing as a slut, just people who aren’t open about their sexuality judging those of us who are 🙂

How To Make Really Good Money As A Camgirl!

Prior to starting camming, I did a metric fuckton of research! I read blog posts, joined forums, watched videos and documentaries and I hung out in cam models chat rooms. I learned so much from these other models and was able to utilize their tips, tricks and tactics myself to become more successful!

Thank you so much to you other beautiful woman for showing me the way – you have changed my life – and that is what I am hoping to do for another beautiful girl with enough balls to take this on. Don’t doubt yourself gorgeous – you GOT THIS! I went from making $300-$500 a week to $10K-$14K a MONTH! It is possible!

Here is what I learned from reading, watching, and conversing with other models and what I have learned through application first hand! I remember watching my earnings jump up considerably when I started to apply the following to my camming:

  1. TREAT THIS LIKE A JOB! You MUST be consistent! This is how you earn your cash and how you build a fanbase! Set a schedule and stick to it! Yes, things will come up or you may have a lot of things going on but do your very best to cam at certain times, or a certain amount of hours a day. Things come up, shark week, illness, emergencies – and if they do, make up your time! It’s easiest to do this when you can create some sort of ritual around it.
  2. STAY MOTIVATED! You will have times where the last thing you feel like doing is dealing with freeloaders or shoving something in your pussy. It’s way too easy to not cam because you don’t feel like it. Excuses are like assholes – unless you are severely fatigued/depressed or pissed off plaster on that smile! I’ve had days where on cam was the last place I wanted to be and I threw on a smile and ended up banking! Do whatever it takes to motivate you! Think about those shoes you want, or those debts you are trying to pay off. Think about taking a vacation! Visualize yourself having/doing those things, you will notice your mood instantly changes if you do it right! Whatever gets your mind in the right place and makes you feel ready to play ball (or play with balls! LOL!). Turn on some music that really gets you pumped and dance around, do a shot (just 1 pretty girl – a drunk camgirl is no bueno!), do your makeup extra special or go buy some new panties 🙂

    Get your ass in gear!
  3. BE FRIENDLY! Unless being a bitchy dom is your niche, be friendly! When I first started camming I was terrified but was quickly put at ease by a few wonderful guys who knew how to have a conversation 🙂 Smile! Be sure you have a smile on your face as much as possible! Goof off, tell jokes! HAVE FUN WITH IT! You will make a few friends doing this if you have the right attitude! Nobody likes the stonefaced camgirl that just sits there on her phone and never says a word. Get to know your regular visitors and you may be rewarded handsomely by them 😀 Try to remember details about your guys, it’s a great way to build rapport and loosens their wallets.

    So fucking cute….
  4. BE RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR MONEY!  Pay your bills goes without saying, BUT always keep in mind that camming can be very unreliable! I have had weeks where I have made $6K and weeks where it was like pulling teeth to make $600. Same placement, same hustle with differing results. You are at the mercy of these men. Let that keep you humble. Pay off your debts and save as much as you can! When you get that first insane payout keep yourself in check. My first mindblowing check was equal to almost 2 months of pay from my previous corporate job and I had made it in 2 weeks! I cried when I saw that cash in my account I was so happy! BUT, the key is, I was responsible with it! I paid down some debt but also made sure to invest some of it back into camming.

    Yeah , don’t fuck this up. It’s important.
  5. BE CONFIDENT! Always be confident! If you hold yourself in high regard (not snobby please!) it will show! Have small boobs? No worries! A lot of men prefer small tits. A little extra weight? So what?! Some men prefer women with a little extra to love! Turn on that cam and know that you are worth every penny they give you! Know that you are beautiful and sexy and they will pick up on that! Confidence is FUCKING SEXY!! Not a confident girl, then fake it until you make it!

    This needs to be you when your cam is on. Every. Single. Time.

I know those 5 things seem really simple to do, and they are! If you put your mind to it and take camming seriously you can make really good money!!