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Before I started camming I would go into model’s rooms as a guest to experience things from the member’s side as well as try to learn the difference between a good camgirl and a bad camgirl. I wanted to learn everything I could!

I found a stunning model who looked bored and was playing on her phone. I felt bad for her and tipped her a few times and she just looked up at me, glared at the camera and looked back at her phone. I was completely gobsmacked. Keep in mind I had not started camming yet and was broke so that money was hard to let go of. That experience in itself taught me a lot.

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I started visiting other models rooms and began tipping less off of looks and more off of personality. That is when I hit the jackpot with appreciative models, and in turn I learned a lot from them! I found a wonderful mature model with a great attitude that I respected and happened into her room one day when she was being trolled and harassed and I tipped her $10. She was so appreciative it almost made me cry.

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ALWAYS say thank you, ALWAYS! No matter what size the tip. Positive reinforcement is good sales as well as good human behavior. Reward the positive and they will want to do it more! These guys need to feel they are receiving some sort of reward for their effort. You never know if the member is broke as fuck and that $1 tip he gave you is hard for him to do but he likes you enough to do it anyway.

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Some guys may tip you small just to test the waters and see if you say thank you first. Make sure you aren’t some entitled spoiled brat. Some guys like that hustle but more often than not they want to see how you react.

You have to remember, not all of these guys are whales. Some of them are just average Joe’s busting their asses to survive and want to spoil a pretty woman, even if spoiling for them is $5 here and there. It does add up! I treat my less generous members with the same courtesy and interactions that I give my whales. You may lose the whales over time (they always end up coming and going – PUN!) but usually the guys that visit you frequently and tip a bit here and there usually stick around for the long haul and there may be a day where the guy that spends less comes in and surprises you and saves your ass.

He may just be cheap – being able to see that comes with time, the cheap one’s all kind of have the same M.O.. I thank them regardless because they didn’t have to tip me a fucking dime, but they did 🙂 I even thank the guys that try to tip $1 to see boobs. I tell them they need to tip more for that, say thank you and then they usually oblige me by tipping the full amount or they stfu and leave.

I’ve had a member that rarely tipped, and when he did it was a few bucks a day and then he came riding into my room with $300 and dropped it on me in 10 minutes. He still does this twice a week for about 2 months now! He said he likes to spoil me because he knows I APPRECIATE it and don’t act like a spoiled brat! Sometimes being nice to the “cheap” guys can pay off…….

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Moral of the story – ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU! Oh, and by the way – THANK YOU for reading my blog!! *kisses*

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