Hair Extensions – My Experience with Microlink Strand Style

When I started camming I had about bra length hair. Very thin and very fragile. I had always hated my thin fragile hair and wanted to try hair extensions but never had the guts (I was afraid I would be judged because of them – women can be harsh!), a reason to or the means. Once camming started to really take off for me I decided fuck it, why not. I have nothing to lose (except a few hundred dollars) and if I hated them, I would just remove them. The constant blowdrying, brushing, and curling of my natural hair started causing a LOT of damage and I felt like if I let things keep going the way they were I would have to start cutting it off incrementally due to damage anyway.

My first experience with hair extensions was an impromptu decision to go into Sally Beauty and “see what they had” – AKA, I come out broke with a ton of beauty supplies that will take me fucking YEARS to go through (I have a bad habit with that store, they need an SBS Anonymous group). I bought 2 packs of the Satin Strands iTip extensions in 22″ length, a package of their  (waaayy too small for their iTips) micro links and this hook like tool. I used a pair of pliers from around the house to crimp the beads down onto the tip of the extension.

I spent 6 hours of my Thanksgiving Day installing the mother fuckers….. UGH! 

I have to admit – even though I did a shitty job the first time, and it was obvious I was wearing poorly installed extensions I noticed an increase in my income almost right away. It wasn’t crazy big but it was noticeable and I started getting compliments on my hair.

I decided to spend some cash and buy twice as many of the Satin Strands extensions and then have them professionally installed. HUGE mistake! I paid almost $400 for the install at a “professional – LOL” salon and $200+ for the hair and thennnnn….. My hair looked great until I started to itch like crazy and figured out what was up. The stylist apparently didn’t sanitize her tools and gave me fucking lice. Once I removed the extensions I was able to see how much of my hair she had ripped out while installing them. I went from bra strap length hair to not even shoulder length almost GONE hair. I was practically bald, I’m not kidding 🙁 After crying for HOURS about this and $600+ down the drain I had to just figure out how to do it by myself.

I decided I needed to find thicker strands that blended together beautifully and find hair that held up well to washing, blow drying and styling that would hopefully be easier to install. After spending (no joke!) a few HOURS on Amazon I ran across these! ZOMG! When they came in and I opened the package I was INSTANTLY in LOVE! They were 3 times thicker than the Satin Strands and were thick all the way to the bottom! They were CHEAPER, AND they matched my hair color almost perfectly! Hooray!


Installation was super easy (took me 3 hours for a whole head) with these new extensions, a good tool and the correct size of micro links. The hair looked more natural, felt stronger and held up better than the Satin Strands hair. They were easy to maintain and the glue on the tip wore out before the hair did! Awesome! I only had to move them up every 3-4 weeks and they looked great! A full reinstall was needed every 6-8 weeks but ONLY because the glue on the itip would get gummy, the hair was still in phenomenal condition.

So, basically I was able to save HUNDREDS of dollars a month by figuring out how to do this myself. The process definitely required a lot of patience but it paid off in the end 🙂

Self Care As A Cam Model – Recognizing Burnout

It’s very easy to get burnt out as a cam model. I’m actually writing this for you while in a deep state of burnout. Thankfully I am on my period so I’m getting a break from the source. This is the only time in my life where I have actually been HAPPY to get my period! Yay! No makeup, dirty hair, sweats and nobody demanding anything of me – it’s the most blissful time of the month. LOL!

The first question you may ask yourself is “Why is she still doing this if she’s so burnt out?”. Easy answer. The fucking money. When you start earning large amounts of money and set financial goals (which you must do to get the most out of this job!) you don’t really have a choice. You have to go online. BUT you have to learn to be more gentle with yourself during burnout so I use a different approach to camming when I’m burnt out. More on that in another post 🙂

Signs of Burnout:

  • Easily irritated.
  • Snapping at guests/members quickly when you see the same bullshit game trying to be played. I prefer to kindly tell them to fuck off instead of lashing out at them to toss their “dick into a blender cheap mother fucker”. BUT when the burnout bitch is in full effect……
  • Dreading going online with a dread similar to walking The Green Mile. Every little thing is a distraction before you finally login. Chipped polish, cats need water, hair isn’t perfect, the fridge needs to be cleaned out and maybe I’ll go detail the car because I haven’t washed it in 9 months because I’ve been online 14 hours a day…… Justifying anything else that needs to get done because you would rather just not today.
  • Sitting online quietly picking at your nails or fucking with your phone/music when you are normally pretty active and engaging. Frequent, deep sighs included.
  • Depression. I’m not kidding. Camming will stop being fun. You will sleep a lot more, sleep in late, blow off shifts to go to bed early. Every mean/douchebag/dickhead comment will cut you to your core instead of rolling off you like it usually does. Your give a damn will be non-existent.
  • You get new outfits or toys/hair done/tan/manicure etc. and you just don’t care – it doesn’t perk you up the way it used to. Doing your makeup becomes a chore and you would much rather just chill with your dirty hair in a pair of yoga pants watching a documentary on sliced bread then hear another “ur so beautiful bb” “can I see your ass/pussy/tits/feet before I take you private bb?” “want to meet and fuck me bb?”, etc…
  • Did you twitch just seeing BB – yeah, ur fucked LOL.
  • You will start wishing the guys would hurry up, cum and STFU even though you are in paid chat and are making money because you are that sick of them.You dream of some random guy just coming in, tipping you a shitload of tokens/gold and GTFO without saying a word so you can take some time off….
  • You start considering going back to your day job. You fantasize about a cubicle farm and not having to touch your pussy for 6 months……

Rest easy beautiful and REMEMBER to take time for yourself. You have to. Your hustle will go to shit if you don’t and you will find your income and placement will suffer. Yes, you may lose some cash but you will gain it back when you come back refreshed, happy and horny again! I promise! Your custies WILL miss you and they WILL come back and they will SPEND on you because of it. These guys can smell burnout like sharks smelling blood. Take care of you first so that you can take care of them…. mmmmm-kay?

Self Care As A Cam Model – Causes of Burnout

If you are just starting out as a cammodel I’m sure you are sitting there wondering how on EARTH one can get burnt out on camming. How can someone get burnt out being in their own home, having orgasms all day and making excellent money while doing it?! I assure you, this is VERY real and you will know it when you feel it! Sex work in any form tends to have a very high level of burnout.

Causes of Burnout:

  • Begaars/Freeloaders – Beggars will likely be a huge source of your burnout. You will be asked for free stuff all damn day. “Tits BB, Ass BB, Pussy in Free Chat BB, If you show me ____ first I’ll take you private”, etc, etc, HUGE fucking eye roll here….HUGE! These guys will wear you the fuck out. And it never, ever stops. It tends to get worse after the holidays and during the summer. Also, these dudes will compliment you to death and not pay a dime. As soon as they start complimenting you over and over just know you will not see a token or gold from them. And then there are the mother fuckers that just sit and stare without ever interacting with you.
  • Hearing the same shit. Every. Fucking. Day. Occasionally you will have a guest say something unique, but the longer you do this, the less it happens. The phrase that currently sends me almost homicidal right now is: Me: “Hru?” Dumbass: “Better now that I see you.”. UGH! STFU!
  • Constantly having to be “on”. If you cam long shifts like I do, you have to be “on” for so many hours a day that it becomes draining. You have to smile, flirt and be happy (which is not my norm personally,).
  • Physical burnout. Your body will get sore from long days. Your thighs will hurt, your shoulders and arms will hurt and if you have had a good day or two your pussy will be on fire.
  • Isolation. You spend all day in a room by yourself.Yes, you are interacting with people but this job is VERY isolating. Especially if you do not make friends with other cam models or have anyone to download your day onto or bounce ideas/frustrations off of.
  • Repetition. Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s almost always the same thing, the same request, the same show, the same dudes, day in and day out. When I first started camming the guys were pretty creative, it seems like less and less that I get creative shows with creative guys who want to have a good time physically AND stimulate my mind and I his.
  • Slow traffic/bad money. This will always burn me out the fastest. Slow days happen, but you still have to sit through them because you never know who will show up and make your day. When you have a group of guys that have spent all they are going to spend (you will learn to recognize this pattern in time) and just talk, talk, talk because you are stuck in free chat all damn day because it’s so quiet….. You will keep them around for entertainment purposes during the slow times, hoping they will spend again but they will more than likely just sit there and drain you mentally.
  • Trolls: Trolls are always there, and the really sad part is it’s usually a jealous model who is trolling you. More on trolls in a different post…….
  • Site drama and bullshit. When your site starts ripping you off, processing bullshit chargebacks and cutting your traffic when you get to a point that your commission increases – you will burn out quickly. You spend a lot of time trying to get to that 40%, 50% 60% cut and then they pull your traffic back to direct it to models at lower tiers this can be extremely deflating. It starts taking you 2-3 times longer online to make what you used to make at a lower tier. More hours+less money= burnout!

These are a few contributors to my burnout, yours may be different.

Biggest Cause of Burnout Right Here!

Camgirl 101 – Lighting, Music & Room Setup


Lighting and room set up are very important to the vibe you have and the paying traffic you will attract into your chat room! The better lighting and equipment you have, the more money you will make!

Admittedly when I started camming, I used a desk lamp and 2 floor lamps for lighting, yet still managed to be successful. Now I own a continuous light softbox set by Limo (on Amazon for $69) and noticed a sharp increase in paying traffic to my room when I installed them 🙂

The men want to be able to SEE you, of course! BUT, you don’t want to have so much lighting saturation that you look “washed out” either!

You earnings can certainly be affected by lighting placement and the “mood” that the lighting sets in your room.

Check out this wiki on 3 point lighting – SUPER helpful!


Music is important to the mood of your cam room as well as lighting!

Obviously you would want to listen to any music you enjoy, but keep in mind that you are trying to set a tone that earns you money. Imagine if you were to walk into a bar/restaurant and they were blaring something that made you uncomfortable or that you absolutely couldn’t stand. You would leave? Right? The same theory applies here! Neutral music is the best option if you want to make money.

Volume of the music is important too. I have gone into a cam model’s chat room and have had to immediately click out because it was INSANELY LOUD!!  Not good! Always try to keep the volume low enough to where it can be heard, but is not overpowering. Often during privates I will turn the music down to where it is barely audible but can still be heard. This helps to deter would be assholes from recording your video with sound and reposting it somewhere else because they would be breaking copyright laws and could be sued by the artist.

FYI – my “go to” when I am camming is the Portishead station on Pandora. Be sure if you use Pandora, you either purchase the “Ad-Free” version for $4.99 a month OR set your geographic area to somewhere you don’t live for your safety 🙂 I also have a “Camming Playlist” on Amazon Music.

Make sure your music makes you feel good and you enjoy it, just be sure it’s tasteful! You wouldn’t be blasting ghetto gangster rap in the middle of a corporate office so don’t do it on cam! Remember, treat this like a job and you will benefit greatly!

This is no bueno if you want to make money!


Firstly and most importantly BE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE! However you choose to cam (in bed, laying down, sitting up, edge of the bed, chair in front of a desk, on the floor even!) always be sure you are comfortable and are displaying a flattering camera angle.

Be sure that what area the members can see is well lit, clean and inviting. Solid background colors work best, with little accents of color to provide interest. Keep toys out of view and stash some lube within reach but off cam just in case you need it!

Don’t be afraid to show off some personality either! Stuffed toys, posters, art, etc.! Believe it or not a good majority of the men that visit would like to see who you are, and would like to know about your interests because it makes their time with you a little more personal (which also keeps them coming back for more!).

Be sure to hide anything that reveals your location and/or has personal information on it. I personally have NOTHING in my room that will give anyone ANY idea of where I live, or places that I frequent. More about this in THIS blog post!

Don’t be that girl!

Provide a warm, inviting and comfortable room and I assure you, you will be rewarded for it!


New Cam Model Recommended Supply List!

As a new cam model you will definitely need to set up your “war room” lol and you will need things that you didn’t realize you would need 🙂 That is where this post comes in!

My husband loves this! 🙂


  • Logitech C920 Webcam – This is a simple, small, stationary USB webcam that provides quality 1080p output.
  • Logitech Conference Cam BCC950 – This is a nice webcam that has fantastic quality output, works great with broadcasting software and comes with a very handy remote control.
  • Limostudio Continuous Lighting Photography Lighting – Putting this lighting in my room dramatically and almost instantaneously increased my income! Custies want to be able to SEE you, and see you in true to life color! The lights will make your room a bit warmer while they are on so I would be sure to have a fan handy! They do not suck down a huge amount of power, so you won’t have to worry too much about your electric bill going up 🙂


  • OHMIBOD – This is great for helping you grab up tips while you are broadcasting! The customer tips, and the externally worn sound activated toy will buzz your pretty kitty accordingly! Enjoy! This toy, and/or the Lovense LUSH listed below are pretty much MUST HAVE’S if you want to make good money! My income tripled when I bought these!
  • Lovense LUSH – This toy is AWESOME for helping you grab up some extra cash in Free Chat and during Private/Party/Tip shows! The internal/insertable toy is sound activated and will react to the sound of the customer tips. The bigger the tip, the harder the buzz! This is my favorite “buzz” toy and is VERY popular! I guarantee your income will improve with this toy! It’s also a blast to use by yourself or with your partner!
  • Lovense NORA – This toy is an insertable dildo with an external clit vibrator and the guys absolutely LOVE to control this toy! I have a few regulars that only use this toy in private and use it for a LONG time! I also like to use it by myself sometimes 🙂
OMFG! Bwahahaha!


  • My favorite lube to use is Passion Lubes Hybrid Lube. This is a silicone/water based hybrid lube that holds up really well and won’t stain your outfits or blankets/towels and doesn’t taste too bad, although I don’t recommend eating it (haha!).
  • Another favorite lube is Sliquid Silk. This stuff is AH-MAZING feeling! And it’s organic! So YAY!
  • Another good lube to have on hand (ahem – lol) is Spunk Lube. It looks like cum, and is almost flavorless. It tastes like bland tortillas in my opinion, LOL. The texture is very close to creamy cum, however if you are doing a long show and have dryness issues you can usually get it to reactivate with a little saliva 😉
  • My favorite toy cleaner is made by Honeydew. 🙂 This stuff works great on all toys and I have used it on my LUSH and NORA with no issues at all. It’s water based, unscented and cruelty free!
  • I also use Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby Castile soap diluted in a spray bottle for my non-electric toys. Just spray it on, rinse it off in hot water, dry off the toy and you are good to go!
The struggle is real.


  • The best long-lasting liquid foundation I have found is Dermablend. You will sweat when you cam and this is the only liquid foundation that I have found that really holds up to the challenge! It’s a bit pricey but a little goes a LONG way, especially if you buy the leg and body formula. I have very sensitive skin (I use Proactiv) and this does not irritate my skin or cause breakouts even though it is designed to be used for the body. Don’t forget to get the setting powder too!!
  • Milani Liquid Matte eyeliner is the only one I have found that holds up to a long day on cam. No joke, I have tried about 20 different eyeliners trying to find one that can keep up. It glides on super easy and stays PUT!
  • Sea Pearl Sponges! These are a lifesaver when you can’t afford to miss being on cam because of your period! Granted, if your flow is pretty heavy you will need to log off for a few days, BUT if it’s light and you just need protection, these work miracles! These have shortened my off cam shark weeks to 2-3 days off instead of 5-7 🙂 Sometimes I will use there in tandem with Instead Softcup. You are welcome!


I guarantee I have forgotten some stuff but I will definitely be glad to add more! If you know of a miracle/awesome product that I haven’t mentioned here please let me know and I will add it to the list!

Camgirl Myth – All Camgirls Are All Sluts

Oh boy, this is going to be a fun post, lol! This myth needs to be addressed for many reasons because I think this is a huge misconception about camgirls that needs to be addressed.

Are we more free with our bodies than a good majority of other people? Yes. I have absolutely no problem sharing my body visually with another human for stimulation purposes and being monetarily compensated for it. I’ve been a stripper AND a camgirl. I prefer being a camgirl because I really don’t enjoy having some gross drunk slob breathing all over me and trying to bite my nipples off. Or the frat boy that keeps trying to take me home so he can “fuck the tits off” of me. I just don’t enjoy being groped and fondled for 8+ hours. But, that’s just me. I hate people, lol. Especially when they can touch me!

For those of you women that do strip/escort I have nothing but respect for you! You put up with WAY more shit than I do! At least when I get tired of their shit I just log off and go soak in my tub or pet my cat.

Yes, as a camgirl more of you is exposed and you are being watched by an unknown number of people as you grope and fondle yourself into an explosive orgasm. I prefer this. Maybe it’s because I don’t like to be touched (with the exception of one special man). Maybe it’s because I REALLY like the money too 🙂 Maybe it’s because I have no fucks left to give. LOL. Either way, there is nothing wrong with being an exhibitionist. Absolutely nothing. Especially if it helps you get your bills paid and look forward to an early retirement!

Fuck yes!

All camgirls hook up with their customers or escort on the side. Um, yeah, wrong! I won’t speak for ALL camgirls of course – I am aware there are some that actually do and I don’t judge! Your hustle is your hustle! Get that money honey! BUT, there are a pretty good majority of us that are married, have life partners or are even *gasp* CELIBATE!

All camgirls have an insatiable sex drive. Ahem. Some of us may have more of a sex drive than most but honestly, by the end of a cam shift the very last thing I want to do is think about, talk about or have sex. I’m worn out! My drive to stuff my bank account full is stronger than my sex drive. Sure, I enjoy my time on cam and have great and often multiple orgasms but I am by no means insatiable 🙂

Me after a long cam shift…

We are all cheaters. This is far from the truth. Those of us that are involved in trusting relationships with our partners do not use this as a means to cheat. Some do and thats their prerogative but you cannot lump us all into the same pile. I am happily married and have no desire to be with anyone other than my husband.

But aren’t you helping other people to “cheat” on their partners?! That’s all about perspective. If someone is jerking off to me on cam while his wife is at work, it has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with him. If it wasn’t me he would just find another model or watch porn. I’m fine with my lights being on because he needs a quick wank. Also, basic male psychology – men are visual and crave variety. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his GF/Wife, it’s just visually stimulating for him and makes him feel good.

There is nothing wrong with being sexually open minded. Nothing! That doesn’t make somebody a “slut”. In my book, there is no such thing as a slut, just people who aren’t open about their sexuality judging those of us who are 🙂

How To Make Really Good Money As A Camgirl!

Prior to starting camming, I did a metric fuckton of research! I read blog posts, joined forums, watched videos and documentaries and I hung out in cam models chat rooms. I learned so much from these other models and was able to utilize their tips, tricks and tactics myself to become more successful!

Thank you so much to you other beautiful woman for showing me the way – you have changed my life – and that is what I am hoping to do for another beautiful girl with enough balls to take this on. Don’t doubt yourself gorgeous – you GOT THIS! I went from making $300-$500 a week to $10K-$14K a MONTH! It is possible!

Here is what I learned from reading, watching, and conversing with other models and what I have learned through application first hand! I remember watching my earnings jump up considerably when I started to apply the following to my camming:

  1. TREAT THIS LIKE A JOB! You MUST be consistent! This is how you earn your cash and how you build a fanbase! Set a schedule and stick to it! Yes, things will come up or you may have a lot of things going on but do your very best to cam at certain times, or a certain amount of hours a day. Things come up, shark week, illness, emergencies – and if they do, make up your time! It’s easiest to do this when you can create some sort of ritual around it.
  2. STAY MOTIVATED! You will have times where the last thing you feel like doing is dealing with freeloaders or shoving something in your pussy. It’s way too easy to not cam because you don’t feel like it. Excuses are like assholes – unless you are severely fatigued/depressed or pissed off plaster on that smile! I’ve had days where on cam was the last place I wanted to be and I threw on a smile and ended up banking! Do whatever it takes to motivate you! Think about those shoes you want, or those debts you are trying to pay off. Think about taking a vacation! Visualize yourself having/doing those things, you will notice your mood instantly changes if you do it right! Whatever gets your mind in the right place and makes you feel ready to play ball (or play with balls! LOL!). Turn on some music that really gets you pumped and dance around, do a shot (just 1 pretty girl – a drunk camgirl is no bueno!), do your makeup extra special or go buy some new panties 🙂

    Get your ass in gear!
  3. BE FRIENDLY! Unless being a bitchy dom is your niche, be friendly! When I first started camming I was terrified but was quickly put at ease by a few wonderful guys who knew how to have a conversation 🙂 Smile! Be sure you have a smile on your face as much as possible! Goof off, tell jokes! HAVE FUN WITH IT! You will make a few friends doing this if you have the right attitude! Nobody likes the stonefaced camgirl that just sits there on her phone and never says a word. Get to know your regular visitors and you may be rewarded handsomely by them 😀 Try to remember details about your guys, it’s a great way to build rapport and loosens their wallets.

    So fucking cute….
  4. BE RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR MONEY!  Pay your bills goes without saying, BUT always keep in mind that camming can be very unreliable! I have had weeks where I have made $6K and weeks where it was like pulling teeth to make $600. Same placement, same hustle with differing results. You are at the mercy of these men. Let that keep you humble. Pay off your debts and save as much as you can! When you get that first insane payout keep yourself in check. My first mindblowing check was equal to almost 2 months of pay from my previous corporate job and I had made it in 2 weeks! I cried when I saw that cash in my account I was so happy! BUT, the key is, I was responsible with it! I paid down some debt but also made sure to invest some of it back into camming.

    Yeah , don’t fuck this up. It’s important.
  5. BE CONFIDENT! Always be confident! If you hold yourself in high regard (not snobby please!) it will show! Have small boobs? No worries! A lot of men prefer small tits. A little extra weight? So what?! Some men prefer women with a little extra to love! Turn on that cam and know that you are worth every penny they give you! Know that you are beautiful and sexy and they will pick up on that! Confidence is FUCKING SEXY!! Not a confident girl, then fake it until you make it!

    This needs to be you when your cam is on. Every. Single. Time.

I know those 5 things seem really simple to do, and they are! If you put your mind to it and take camming seriously you can make really good money!!


Camming Is Not As Easy As It Looks – Camgirl Myths – Laziness

I know that people who look at cam models may think that this shit is easy. We are lazy money hungry (well duh! who doesn’t love money?!) sluts who lay in bed all day and play with our pussies because we are too stupid to do anything else. I’m going to put that to rest right fucking now.

MYTH – Cammodels are lazy. I’m not saying this isn’t true for all cam models, I have seen some LAZY girls on cam. I’ve seen girls sleep, play on their phones all day, watch tv, etc…. But, the majority of the top models on the sites are far from lazy. We work our fucking asses off. We work long shifts doing very physical activity when we are in private. Free chat is where we relax or at least try to. LOL. This is a very physically and mentally draining job. Yeah guys, it’s a fucking job to us. We do this to pay our bills. Get over it.

Physically – Cam modeling can be quite physically taxing. Yeah, it’s not landscaping or construction work but it is physically demanding. If you think I am full of shit, masturbate for 45 minutes solid (furious masturbation – not this casually stroking and sitting on your ass stuff). Then spend 10 minutes talking to people you don’t really want to talk to, then masturbate another 15 minutes in 2-3 different positions, talk for 5-10 and repeat ad nauseam with a permanent plastic smile slapped on your face. Do this for 18 hours one day and consider that you have had a good day and spent a cumulative 10-12 hours of that masturbating. I guarantee you by the end of the day you are going to feel muscles you didn’t even know you had and the only thing that sounds good is a hot bath and your soft bed.

Basically you fuck all day. After you fuck your husband/boyfriend for 4 hours, your body is tired and your pussy is sore. This is no different. And you feel it the next day too when you go down the hall to your fuck palace and log in to do it all over again because you have bills to pay.

I have had cam cuties come in early in my shift, have me ride a dildo for 45 minutes and I am so worn out I almost have to call it a day.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I’m not really sure how to ride a cock like a madwoman (I provide quality services! haha!) for 45 minutes and not feel it in my thighs.

After “ride me bb”. For. 45. Fucking. Minutes.

Mentally – Mentally being a cam model can be so fucking draining at the end of the day that I just want to pour myself on the couch and not talk to anyone about anything. I want to watch mindless tv and eat gummy worms until I pass out.

Camming is (if your doing it right) a sales job and you have to strategize! I spend my whole day learning what makes my cuties tick and using it to my advantage. I spend my day coming up with dirty talk and scenarios on the fly because I am constantly being exposed to new fetishes and ways of doing things. I spend my day navigating freeloaders and learning to uncover new manipulation tactics that these guys use and outsmarting them. I spend my day trying to figure out how to get them to spend more and stay in private longer.

Aside from the sales/strategy game I play, I spend all day socially interacting with people. I am a highly sensitive introvert so this is extremely draining for me. I hate people. I hate talking. Maybe not the best career choice for my particular personality type however it is lucrative so I take one for the team and my bank account and paid off loans thank me for it.

Not all of the conversations are draining, I have had some very interesting and entertaining conversations with some of these men. I know I rant a lot about freeloaders/douchebags but you will have some intelligent, kind and interesting men to talk to, I promise. Those are the guys that make your day better.

However, having to be “on” all of the time can be draining. Please remember to take the time to care for your mental state while you are a cammodel. It’s crucial to your success. Know when you are done for the day mentally and cut your losses. You won’t provide a good experience for your cuties if you are burnt out. You will lose customers if you push yourself too hard. I have experienced this a few times, firsthand and now only log on when I am in a good mood and feeling energetic mentally. My earnings reflect this 🙂

Emotionally – You will experience emotional fatigue as a cam model. How so you ask? When you have all of these men telling you are beautiful/sexy/etc… Blah, blah, blah… You would think that would be energizing but it’s draining because you know that 90% of them are full of shit and say that to all the girls.

You will be trolled/verbally abused. This is a given. You can be the most beautiful and most kindhearted cammodel on the internet and someone will talk shit to you and try to knock you down. Especially if you are beautiful and kind. Men will talk down to you and will treat you like complete and utter shit. Expect this and learn how to block it out – or just troll them back! I find the ban hammer a wonderful tool for eliminating these guys. Just know that once you get rid of one, another is waiting in line. This is no different than working at a hospital and seeing blood. It comes with the territory, you just have to learn how to not let it get to you. Raging bitch on wheels? This won’t phase you at all 🙂

You will hear things/see things that will traumatize you. I once had a man turn on his cam when I had about 300 people in my chat room and he started slicing his hard cock with a razor blade. Not kidding. He was cutting deep and drawing blood. I was absolutely mortified and had to retain my composure in front of the other men in the room. I banned him and emailed support to let them know what he was up to. All with a smile on my face.

You will have pedophiles, you will receive death threats. You will have people tell you things JUST to watch your reaction. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!

Overall, I do enjoy camming even though this post sounded like a rant most likely, it is the truth! Camming can be very enjoyable, and taxing. If you want to just lay around lazily and not talk to these guys, not give an amazing performance every time they click the private button and just expect them to throw money at you for just sitting there with your phone in your face you will short change yourself financially and are just wasting your time. Do it right, and you will be rewarded!

Fucking DUCK FACE!

Incoming rant, I can’t help myself. It’s my blog and I will rant if I want to, lol 🙂

Yes, I go into other models rooms. Most cam girls do. However there are only a select few that I interact with/tip. Usually I go in to check for site issues if I am having issues with my room, and/or to see what the douchebags are up to. Most customers room hop so it’s always great to see them running a certain game on like 3 different girls and then wait for them to show up in your room and instantly troll them. LOL. I have developed an almost uncontrollable compulsion for trolling the idiots. I get a very large amount of pleasure out of catching them off guard and making them feel stupid. Comes in handy for amusement purposes when it’s slow 🙂

Anyway, I’ll save the trolling for other posts and get to the point of this post in particular…. I keep seeing these beautiful, perfect young barbie looking models doing this duck face bullshit. Please. For. the. Love. Of. God. STOP!

This. Right Here.

Granted, yes, it is not my place to judge another girls hustle. Each girl does what works for her but this is one of those things that I am just sick of seeing! Especially when the girl is drop dead gorgeous and absolutely perfectly fuckable. I’ll enter the room of said duck face girl thinking wow, her profile pic looks great, let me check her out and then I watch. I’m usually blown away by how beautiful she is. I watch her interact with the guys, move around a bit and then it gets quiet for a minute and BAM! Here comes duck face. UGH!

Maybe it’s just me but I feel like if I was a guy my boner would deflate at light speed if I saw that. Yes, some guys may love it and I’m not judging that but for me, OMG. Just no.

Maybe it’s the fact that there is a large generation gap between me and said model (I still don’t understand twerking). I don’t know. I think the only time duck face is acceptable is when you are in the middle of a blow job and you JUST pulled the toy out of your mouth so your lips are still slightly puckered. THAT is when duck face is sexy. Context.

My First Day As A Camgirl

I will never, ever forget my first cam shift. Ever. Not because it was bad, but because it was quite good! Terrifying but good, lol!

I decided to start camming on a Sunday, hoping it was slow so that I could get my feet up under me a little bit before I got really busy. Kind of like dipping your toes in the pool before you jump in. I always like to ease into new things so I was expecting to ease into this. Boy was I wrong, LOL! I had no idea how much attention my new girl status would bring, especially as I am sure that I looked like a deer in headlights and guys that were cammodel regulars could smell the new on me. I swear these guys can sniff out anything sometimes. Bad mood, tired, horny as fuck (occasionally!), grumpy, drunk… etc. They are like bloodhounds. If you are pissed as fuck and have a wonderfully plastic and composed smile on your face they will smell it and you will be wasting your time if you log in.

ANYWAY, I spent 2 hours getting ready. I shaved everything as smooth as I could get it, watched some makeup tutorials for makeup specifically related to photography on YouTube and did my hair perfectly! I was ON POINT! I set up the room with my overhead light, moved my bedside table to the end of the bed for my laptop and camera, put a desk lamp on my dresser, double checked it in the encoder to be sure everything looked good. Put on my best pair of panties, my best bra, grabbed my dildo and a small bottle of lube and logged into the site and started my broadcaster.

My pointer arrow hovered over that start broadcasting button for probably about 5 minutes until I found balls to actually hit it.

This was me, 1,000,000%. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I hit the button! People can SEE me!!

HOLY SHIT! Button hit and almost instantly names started appearing in the list next to my screen. The first “hi bb” popped up and I said hello, and then it exploded LOL. That first private started and luckily was short, lol. I was still trying to get used to the software so of course I flailed around for awhile, saying hello and getting an INSANE amount of requests for “ass bb” “tits bb”. Of course that day was my first lesson in freeloaders. LOL

I ended up in a show for almost an hour with a guy and gave it all I had. I was utterly exhausted at the end of it (you will learn how to pace yourself), and logged off to see how much I had made. I made $150 (my cut!) in just under 2 hours! I was completely gobsmacked and totally hooked! Of course my next 2 shift totaling 6 hours ended up netting me about $30 so I got a little bit discouraged but kept pushing on 🙂 I got my first lesson in how one shift can be vastly different from the next.

I think the first 30 minutes was the hardest part of the first shift. As if it isn’t hard enough you are trying to figure out the software, positioning yourself, and how to provide a good experience, you have a lot of manipulative guys that can tell you are new and are trying to get as much as they can for free. Camming can be overwhelming at first, but I promise you, you will learn how to do it! You will learn how to entice the guys to spend, you will learn how to avoid manipulative freeloaders and you will learn what your boundaries are 🙂

So, take a deep breath sexy lady. Put on those panties and don’t be afraid to give it a try! You may be opening the door to a new life you never expected!