5 Things To Think About BEFORE You Start Camming

So, are you ready (or so you think!) to take the plunge into a better financial situation by the means of debauchery and straight up fun huh?! Well strap yourself in hunny, you are in for an adventure! When I was considering camming my mind was constantly spinning with what I would need to wear/toys, how to act, what to do, how to be sure I’m not getting scammed by assholes, etc…. It seems easy enough to plunk down in your bed and turn on your laptop but there is a LOT to it. Straight up, this is a sales job. You are the product and you need to sell yourself. There is far more involved than may meet the eye initially. Safety, being discovered, investment, impact on relationships, and balance are just a few of the things you need to think about.

  1. ALWAYS BE ALERT FOR YOUR SAFETY! First and foremost you must always do what you can to ensure you are SAFE! Remember, hundreds if not thousands of people will be looking at you and listening to you talk in a day. Most of which are harmless, but there is always a risk factor involved here. Keep your safety at the forefront of your mind AT ALL TIMES! For more on this please read my blog post on safety.

  2. SOMEONE YOU KNOW MAY FIND YOU! Weigh this one VERY heavy in your mind. Yes, sites have geoblocking, etc but you can’t control if Uncle Gary goes on a business trip out of state and happens to stumble across your stream, or finds a video of you on a tube site that some asshole hacker uploaded. You are ALWAYS at risk for someone you know finding you. This is a hard pill to swallow but you need to know deep inside yourself that you don’t give a fuck if someone you know finds you. Everyone you have ever known may potentially stumble upon a video of you with a dildo hanging out of your mouth or worse. Can you deal with that? (Side note: you will get dipshits that come in your room claiming to be your brother/father/etc. Be prepared for that and troll the fuck out of them when they do it – *maniacal laughter* makes for much amusement!) Now that I have you nervous….

    Yep, process it…. The possibility is there.
  3. HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO INVEST? This isn’t just money this is time too! When I first started camming I had a decent laptop, mediocre wifi and that was it. I swiped my credit card (something I don’t do anymore thank you cam gods and generous regulars!) for a $60 webcam, grabbed a few cute pairs of panties/bras I had and a dildo I had used for years, and logged in. Note, be sure you have lube too, lol! As I began to make more money I was able to invest in more outfits, more toys, and an upgraded webcam. Camming is also a massive time investment if you want to really make good money. Most sites have “New Model” status for a certain number of streaming/live hours or a certain number of days. USE THIS TIME WISELY! New model status is your best friend when starting out! You get great exposure and placement which means you will usually have great traffic. Use this to start building your fan base! Camming will give you what you invest into it with your time. Don’t log on much? Expect to eat McDonalds a lot or even end up on food stamps. Run yourself ragged for a few months or more, expect to not bat an eye when you check out with a cart full of groceries and the cashier says some previously obscene number to you and you don’t bat a pretty little fake eyelash about it. When I started camming I worked a full time job and would come home and cam 4-6 hours a night, every night, for 4 months. Now I cam 20-40 hours a week and am quite comfortable 😉

    Yoda knows what’s up 🙂
  4. WILL THIS IMPACT YOUR RELATIONSHIP? This is a HUGE one! Single and plan on staying that way? Shuffle on…. lol…. First of all, if you have a jealous boyfriend/husband you may as well forget about this now. He will be excited by the money at first but his insecurities will eventually come into play and you will have to find another source of income and/or will experience an end to the relationship. You must have a very solid relationship with your partner if you are to cam successfully and remain in said relationship. I am luckily with a partner who is not jealous and is very supportive of my camming. He enjoys that I do this and has no reservations about my camming at all. He trusts me and respects me. I am constantly being offered obscene amounts of money and promises of a better life if I were to leave him but I wouldn’t trade him for all of the money in the world so their attempts are futile! HAHAHA! But, thanks for the cash bro! LMAO! Keep in mind, this is a rarity! Am I saying that camming has not impacted my relationship in some way? No. Camming related issues can arise but if you have a solid relationship you can work through them or around them as a couple.

    You on cam 😛
  5. BALANCE! You will eventually realize that you HAVE TO balance your time on cam with something else that interests you. It is SO EASY in the beginning to see the potential for what you can make and get caught up in that and run yourself into the ground camming around the clock. Always be sure you can take care of yourself not just financially but mentally and physically as well. Camming seems easy enough but on busy days it can be extremely physically demanding and you will find muscles you didn’t even realize you had, lol. Also, you will wear out mentally (unless you are an extrovert and thrive on human interaction – haha!). These dudes can be draining as fuck and some days are worse than others! Be sure you find a balance between your income, mental/physical health and your relationships. For me this has honestly been the hardest part. Especially when you start trying to build other ways to make money outside of camming with the money you make from camming.

    Um, yeah, been here after a 12 hour shift and the guys stop talking.

Camming is what you make it. Just be sure you are prepared to handle all aspects of it, some of which I am sure I have failed to mention but you will find along the path 🙂

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